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Art to Outfit } Tieka of Selective Potential

Drawing by Me (Lauren Moyer)

This weekend I was overjoyed to be able to attend the Michigan Blogger Meetup organized by Tieka of Selective Potential and so in honor of that I am posting my third installment of Art to Outfit featuring some graphic design by Tieka. I was able to work in the field of graphic design at internships and part time jobs, and am very appreciative of the work that Graphic Designers, like Tieka, do. It is more of an unsung art in our society yet in the modern age it is seen daily by millions of viewers and consumers.

For those of you who don't know I started this feature a few months ago showcasing the artistic talent in the visual arts that many fashion bloggers have. Please check out my past interviews and now enjoy learning about Tieka's own artistic jouney.

What is your pen name?

I always wanted to be named Autumn because it's such a pretty word - but it's my favorite season and it's just such a gorgeous season and time of year. But to be honest, I'm so glad my name is Tieka now. I didn't enjoy it much as a kid, but now that I'm older and can appreciate it - it suits me so well.

When did you start putting a pencil to paper to create silly images?

Honestly? When I found out I needed to have large-scale drawings to get into my first choice art college. I know.. how could I be interested in going to art college without knowing how to draw? I love art, I love creating - but I'm just such a computer geek! Once I started drawing though, I loved it. It took me a while, but I truly enjoy it now.

Did a fairy godmother give you all your talent, or did you find a magical place that sharpened your mind? 

I definitely went to school for art and design - it's something I never wanted to do on the side. It's challenging having to be creative every day for your job, so it's so worth it - I want to wake up in the mornings and go to work! Art for a career is perfection.

Which artist do you think is dreamy?

Oh gosh, this is tough because I don't know what any artists ever look like. Let's go with Paul Rand in his grandpa years - I love grandpas. How could you resist that face?

What period of art would you set your time machine to?

Baroque. I took an 18th century art history class that I just loved - even though Baroque dates from 16th to early 18th - anywhere in there.

What artist would you go camping with and why?

Georgia O'Keefe. She really appreciated the beauty in nature. We'd stay in a tent - just one zip of a door away from the beauty of the outdoors!

How does your art affect your clothes, and visa-versa?

I definitely feel like my love for art affects my personal style. I think the two go hand-in-hand. In my own design and art, I'm very simple and I truly believe in usability (because I'm an interactive/graphic designer), so I'm very very much the same with style - simple with usability (I want to be able to walk in my shoots for longer than one block!)

Do you plan on wearing a beret daily and becoming a professional artist?

I don't plan on wearing a beret daily, but I am a full-time graphic designer! I can wear cute clothes - no worries about spilling paint. Maybe getting a few spray mount chemicals on my hands, but other than that - I'm glued to my Mac.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three pieces of yours would you take with you to decorate your mud hut?

I love my Vespa information graphic.

My dog paintings motion graphic film

And I'm super proud of the press kit I put together for Selective Potential

As an artist, do you get away with crazy fashion like wearing a swan dress?

No way. Even though I am artist, I am very simple.. and like I said before, I believe in usability - something the real world can relate to. As graphic designers, we have to be able to communicate to more than one type of person - I feel like my style must communicate not only to artists, but to others as well.

Make sure to check out Tieka's website http://www.tiekadierolf.com/
And of course her style blog http://selectivepotential.blogspot.com/ 


All images (except first image) are property of Tieka Dierolf and used with permission.
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Braided Helmet

So this hair is my interpretation of Erin Fetherstons Fall2011 model look. I like it, but after doing it for the first time I see things I'd change. Like right now it kinda feels like a helmet. I think I should've back combed my hair a bit before I did it. But if you'd like to try it, it's an upside down french braid (you braid the hair under instead of over). You start by finding a point at the back of your head and brushing hair out from there. Then you start your braid behind one ear braiding around your forehead. You only take hair from the inside and not on the side around your face. You continue and finish the french braid behind you other ear. Then finish the braid. Then take the finished braid and wrap it around the back of your head and pin it...

Do I need to make a video?

Also this is the skirt I made wednesday night (which I promised at the beginning of this remix!). I love it! It has pockets! I did initially make it too big but I took out some pleats and made it smaller. I didn't use a pattern (I hate patterns!) so I just winged it. It has box pleats and that little decorative hem thinger. And I love the fabric I used for the waist band... Oh and since I made it smaller I had to redo the zipper. Thankfully I found the zipper foot to my machine which made it sooo much easier! Yay!

Anyway, so what do you think about my hair? Like or not for my face shape? It looked good and awkward at the same time... Maybe should've worn more makeup to bring out my eyes. And this hairstyle is making me miss my bangs... But I've had them for now 7 years... time for change. Must resist the urge to cut them!

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Button Up } F21 (worn day 2, & 11)
Handmade Skirt } By Me! (worn today, first day!)
Brown Boots } Vintage, found (worn day 2, 3, 11, & 17)
Belt } Vintage, mom's
Tights } Kohls

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Made up Made down

Well as you can see my normal photo space has been taken over by paintings!! But I'm not going to complain, cause this stack is SOLD!

These past couple weeks have been great in sales. Finally people are willing to buy again. I sold a piece on Wednesday, another piece is being shipping to Germany, all these are going into the doctor's massive house, plus a few more are sold. It's a great feeling.

Anyway as you can see I tried a new hairstyle. My hair is finally getting to a length that I love and feel like I can style it more ways. And with this hair style I thought it would be good to actually put on makeup. Meg asked on twitter if people had make up advice. Makeup for me is sometimes the only way for me to look awake. I have light eyebrows and blond eyelashes... So I have to try to wear mascara everyday but lately I haven't, as you can probably tell from last post... Now makeup makes Lauren a tired girl. Anyway, I'm pretty plain with my make up. My daily routine usually is just mascara and a bit of powder highlight on my cheek bones (might as well play them up). Then somewhat daily I wear a bit of highlighter under my brows and the inside of my eyes with either regular eyeliner or liquid liner. I never use eyeliner on my full eye, just more towards the outside since I my eyes are kinda closer together. I don't wear foundation because it usually bothers my skin, and I had bad acne as a teen and feel like it never hid it, it just made me breakout more. I am only now beginning to wear lipstick... So yeah I'm pretty plain with makeup, I hardly wear eye shadow. I think I would be good at putting makeup on other people with my knowledge in painting but I'm just not the best at doing it myself. The first time I really had makeup on was for a fashion show when I lived in Brasil. My boyfriend at the time said he didn't even look at my clothes cause he was so surprised how I looked with makeup... haha. It's usually a surprise to people when a wear it.

What is your daily routine?

Also I really need to change my layout. Other then the MI Blogger meet up Friday night (so excited!), Saturday and Sunday are devoted to art. I have this layout to figure out, another website, some promotional pieces for a jewelry company, other illustrations for a classmate who is a big comedian now, two painting for a show and a sculpture, and of course starting the process to screen print our invitations. I really should start showing you guys my art more. But many times I can't show it until it's published and whatnot, and by that time I forget. Oh well.

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Plum Sweater } Gap, years old (worn day 4, 13)
Peter Pan Collar Blouse } Original Penguin (worn day 3, 12)
WWII Navy Wool Pants } Vintage, my Grandpa's (worn day 2, 6,)
Brown Boots } Vintage, found (worn day 2, 3)
Bow Tie } Ribbon
Irish Pin } Kevin's
Feather Ring } F21

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Day 16 & Similar to a Bicycle

So I enjoyed my outfit today... Can you tell I'm not wearing an undershirt? Scandalous! And I really need to iron my clothes, but many times I'm sitting most of the day... Erg. Well this skirt was reating me a bit better, but it still fits weird, I wish there was an un-shrink button! Anyway as you can tell from these pictures I'm much like a bicycle... too tired. Hahaha. After Kevin and I walked around town, dropped mail off at the post and bought some fabric and zippers for a sewing project of mine. Let me tell you I hate zippers!!! They are the bane of me sewing.

But I did finish the skirt I mentioned at the 30x30 first post, but I made the waist 2 inches too big. So I will have to fix that tonight. And let me tell you I hate my cheapo sewing machine I bought a garage sale. I need to start scouring craigslist again, it stinks growing up with amazing sewing machines... nothing can compare and I couldn't even afford to have my mom's older Viking fixed... doubt I can afford a good used one. So here are some process shots of the skirt.

So yeah. I like to sew, and I love box pleats! Yay! And my dog is cute.

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Sheer Button Down } UO, on sale (worn day 6)
Navy Pencil Skirt } BCBG (worn day 8)
Gray Booties } UO, on sale (worn day 1, 7, & 14)
Tights } Target

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Humpday and the 30x30 Remix Hump

So I admit it that this 30x30 remix is hard. On Sunday I didn't take any pictures, but this was pretty much my outfit. On Monday I wore my painting clothes because I was painting the display case at work. And if you follow my twitter you might have seen things about Kevin and I getting caught in the freezing rain/snow storm that happened on Sunday. It took us about 3x the amount of time to get from Toledo to Detroit... Then I had to shovel my car I left at home out of the street and move it for the plows... Didn't go to sleep until 2:30a. So Monday morning I was not excited to dress up and the commute was awful! No streets were plowed not even the main road in Metro Detroit, Woodward Ave...

So here's my outfit on Tuesday. Casual. I dropped my car off Monday afternoon to have all 4 brakes fixed, needed everything and the back drum brakes were leaking. Sooo, I had to walk to the auto shop Tuesday morning to pick up my car. I wasn't about to where a skirt! So yep, this was my outfit, minus the snow boots I wore outside. They are my Brown and Mint Green Sorels that Kevin bought me, I love them.

And even though I'm posting this on Wednesday, I took pictures with the dog for Tripp Tuesdays. I really am obsessed with my dog... Oh well.

And I saw this on Erin's blog, Better than Bland. Here's a little halfway recap!

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Blue Cardigan } UO, on sale (worn on day 9)
Blue Horse Button Up } UO, on sale (worn on day 8)
Skinny Jeans } UO, on sale (worn day 9 & 3)
Oxfords } UO, on sale (worn day 13, 12, 10, 9, & 6)
Scarf } Found
Necklace } Not sure
Dog } Petfinder

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Events of the Weekend } 2.19


So this weekend was awesome! Kevin and I went down to Ohio and on Saturday Sara met us down there, she's one of my only friends that has come down to my hometown of Dayton! Which was so fun to show her around and do some wedding planning stuff!

Saturday started out at the caterers stuffing our bellies with AMAZING food!!! We got most of our menu figured out which is exciting, we just now need to figure out the hor d'oeuvres. Yay! Sara took alot of pictures of us eating, and this one was my favorite.

Then after we made our way down to Waynesville, an awesome town full of antique shops for a cake tasting later in the day. We spent the down time going through shops and of course taking outfits shots!

Sara loved the town cause she thought it was like the town in Gilmore Girls, and the gazebo was the icing on the look. So I gave my best smile and my best "doh" face.

Then we were allowed to eat cake! Yum yum yum!

Gallivanting in the woods.

Of course we stopped by the Masonic Temple, where the reception is, and took pictures... But alas, it was closed and we couldn't go inside. But now you can see the scale of this place... it's HUGE!

Then we stopped by a few more options for ceremony locations... If all else fails, we know we can have the ceremony on the steps of the Masonic looking over the river and downtown Dayton. So not all is lost. But I really want a naturey ceremony then the refined reception, I think it's a good juxtaposition and very much me and Kev.

Kevin photobombed Sara's picture, hahaha

And then we went back to my mom's house. Isn't it so purdy? All in All awesome Saturday.

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Mint Dress } Vintage, via Lost & Found
Sheer Blouse } Vintage, via Lost & Found
Booties } UO, on sale
Belt } Grabbed from my mom's closet :)
Green Tights } Target
Purse } Kohls
Coat } Target, on sale $15!