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One Pug, Two Pug

Lucy & Lily

The cutest little black pugs Lucy and Lily!
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Maya & Emerson

Maya 1

I've been a busy busy bee with so many pet portraits this year! Unfortunately my scanner broke :( So I'm trying to photograph more of the drawings. This is Maya, a rescued Great Dane! This was a gift so it was requested to be wrapped with a Happy Birthday card, nothing says Happy Birthday like Tripp barking it out!

Maya 2
Maya 3

The second drawing is of a cutey named Emerson, I hope her portrait makes a wonderful Christmas present!!

If you are interested, order your pet portrait here and use "FREESHIP" for free shipping on domestic orders!

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Life in Instagram | Pt. 5 - Back Home

Luckily I had the opportunity to go home in September and bring my fella along. I hadn't been home in over a year and it was bitter sweet. I was so excited to see friends and be a bridesmaid in Sara's wedding. I had an amazing time visiting family in Ohio, then showing off all my ole stomping grounds in Detroit. I'll have to put a full post up with "real" pictures and not just instagram pics.

Somewhere over Nebraska
Two Mikes on a porch
Bowling with Matt, Maureen and Mike
Father/Daughter dance
My Bridesmaid hair
Pics of pics
Cobblestone farms

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Halloween Apollo Series

WHOA, super late post. But I HAD to post my halloween costume. This year I finally dressed up as something I have wanted to for years. My initials are L.E.M. and the nerd that I am the LEM is also the Lunar Excursion Module. So obviously I had to dress up as that. It's so clear. I started the week before Halloween building my "helmet" and the day before building my moon body. And of course a certain boy didn't have a costume so he inquired "Can I be the Command Module?". Of course we ended up having the best costumes at my friend Jim's party and got a lot of "docking" jokes. Not to mention the Bart ride there in a packed train car with somewhat still wet paint on our costumes was very interesting, especially when the train jolted and I fell into Mike's costume and all the passengers had to pick me up as if I were a turtle stuck on it's back flailing around.

And when I wore my costume to work, I am proud to say I won most creative costume, everyone loved the details like Neil Armstrong on my should with the US flag, and of course the back side of me was just black for the dark side. I still have my moon, I'm thinking about hanging it on my ceiling, and my excursion module is safe on my desk at work.

Oh and sorry the scale of the two modules is a bit off :)