Storm's a brewin'

Well everyone is getting ready for the "storm of the century" and I'm waiting to really see if it's bad. Kevin and I already have the day off so we don't have to worry about driving in the snow and now I just have to wait.... let's see what you got snow!

And onward. Funny things have been happening this past year. It seems things I've always held dear to my personal style are blowing up all over the place. Which isn't bad, but sometimes you like to keep them to yourself. Mine mine mine! :) Like "milk maid" braids. I wore those for years and years and was teased about it, but now it's all over and I find myself not doing it as much. Or like the post the other day about Marie Antoinette, all of a sudden she's huge again! And another funny thing is the craze of Havaianas. Now I love my havaianas, but it started with Victoria Secret carrying them, then UO... now they are a staple. As being someone who has lived in Brasil and my step mother being brasilian we laugh about it. These sandals are amazing and I'm so happy that they are carried now in the states, but they are way over priced here. haha, these are the everyday sandal you wear at home or out in Brasil (not really for fashion)... they were created to give people something cheap to have on their feet because many were shoeless. And here they are as a fashion statement. It's interesting how things change.

I remember wearing my mom's old bellbottoms in 4th grade and being made fun of, then lo and behold Old Navy started carrying "flared" jeans in 5th grade. Over night I was wearing the norm. After my stint of wearing parachute pants in highschool, I swung the pendulum into wearing peg leg pants. I was so beatnik. Then wha-bam skinneys were everywhere.

I'm not saying I'm a trend setter, I'm very much the opposite, but did you ever have a favorite fashion that you loved having for yourself? Then some actor is seen wearing something similar and it's no longer your secret fashion statement? I guess with blogging it's harder to keep your style hidden and all your own, but sometimes I wish I could.

On that note, this outfit is VERY inspired by other bloggers. Way to be original Lauren. But hey you can find new things about yourself by wearing other's "clothes". Haha!

{ Materials Used }

Sweater } American Eagle, 5 years ago
Shirt } H&M, Kevin's
Dress } UO
Tights } Kohls
Socks } Anthro, on sale
Shoes } Target, 3 years ago


PS: I need to buy contacts.


Anonymous | February 2, 2011 at 3:00 PM

Lauren--every time this happens to me, I just think I'm a trend setter or ahead of my time. As for the havianas--I buy the cheap $1 type.

Meg! | February 2, 2011 at 5:20 PM

I so totally feel you, Lauren! I used to be obsessed with newsie hats, you know like the newsboy caps, but I could never find one anywhere except the old man section of Dillard's by the golfing clothes. Then all of a sudden they were cool, years after the fact, and then they became like... ghetto fab. So depressing. In high school all I wanted was a 50s-inspired dress, short sleeves, collar, a-line skirt... couldn't find ANY. Then in college they became trendy. So I guess mine are more like me wishing I could find something, not being able to find it, and then when I could finally find it it was a stupid trendy thing. Frustrating. But I hear you on the Marie Antoinette thing too, I've always been obsessed with 18th century fashion and it's annoying to see it become all... fashion-ized. I guess we'll just have to keep coming up with new weird things to wear! :P

Marisa Noelle | February 3, 2011 at 9:29 AM

Oh yes, I can totally relate. I was always teased growing up for my personal style. I remember wearing knee socks in the 8th grade and being called "knee high sock girl"...and well now they are all over the place. (I still love them though). And with the Marie Antionette thing - it is sad how things become way too overexposed and super trendy and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon just for the sake of being "in".

Anyways..I absolutely love your sweater and the sweet pastel colors of your outfit. Very darling. Thanks so much for you comment. xx Marisa

MONKEYFACE | February 3, 2011 at 5:25 PM

Lauren! I have a paper to write, why are you distracting me with your beautiful blog?! I just spent way too much time reading through're fun :)

And hey other bloggers inspire me ALL the time. It's a co-op, it's cool. You look adorable :)