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I want to go to there

wanderer above the hoodoos

I recently discovered this photographer, Heinrick Oldhauser, who lives in Oregon. His photos really make me want to dive into the spaces created and feelings they invoke. Like a glimpse back into the dust bowl his images invoke the spirit of the farmer, or wanderer. For me growing up near farming towns in Southern Ohio, I had a dream of what it would be like to live on a farm. Although I know this fantasy is no where near the reality of farm life, especially early century farm life, I still fantasize about being Laura Ingalls, and these photos are a snapshot of what I think it would be like. Muted tones of cotton clothing on the golden fields with the wind blowing in your hair.

the drifter
go down into the cellar and see what you can find
the wheat harvest
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Life in Instagram | Pt. 4

Sorry for the delays as always. Here's a life update.
An Oakland A's game with the guys
Dinner after moving Marlee's things :(
Boys making music
Vintage dress for sale
Ima ginger