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11 outfits for 11

Here my 11 favorite pictures/oufits/whatevers for the 11th month :)

{ 1.Strawberry Koi }

{ 2.The Styling Dutchman }

{ 3.This Time Tomorrow }

{ 4.Blooming Leopold }

{ 5.Sally Jane Vintage }

{ 6.Mrs Wolf }

{ 7. Ali Bosworth Flickr }

{ 8.Pandora }

{ 9.The Owl Eyes }

{ 10.She is Sara }

{ 11.Tick Tock Vintage }

Hope you enjoyed!

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Who's a Nerd?

I am a nerd.

Don't believe me? My over 800 x men comics would disagree (and I haven't been buying in a few years... eeek)

Still don't believe me. Well then take a gander at this!


Bam! Princess Leia/Lauren, ear buns and all.

and wait for it....

Bam! Han/Kevin Solo

and oh that's not all...

Bam! Handmade Millennium Falcon cake (no molds used here, just the sweat and tears from sculpting cake)


Tripp in a Yoda costume that's too big, so it looks like a melting yoda!

This Saturday Kevin and I celebrated our birthdays Star Wars style. We all ate cake and watched two of the original trilogy. Since it was kinda impromptu really only Kevin and I and our friend Matt dressed up. But most everyone did at least bring or wear something star wars inspired :)

And I am quite proud of the cake Kev and I made. I made two cakes, one in a round pan and one in a square. After they cooled we started cutting and putting them together making the shape. We used a hostess cupcake for the cockpit area. Then we used that "poor man's" chocolate mousse (1 box of sugar free instant pudding + 1 tub o' cool whip) as the frosting then used those icing gel thingers from the store for the linework. Kevin did the linework and frosted the cake (with a little help from me... mainly me bossing him around) and I did the cooking... what I'm good at. It did suffer some battle damage during the party, but we dismantled it quite quickly and everyone enjoyed it :)

} Outfit Details
  Tunic } Handmade by myself
  Tights } Not sure
  Socks } UO
  Boots } Frye

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Early Chirstmas


Well today (Saturday) I've done quite a bit, still having some more research to do, been studying, and Kevin and I bought our selves a early chirstmas present with a coupon he got for running the detroit marathon. As some of you readers know, I am a big bike rider. I love it. And I found out the my femur proportion to the rest of my leg is ideal for a good bicyclist (my thighs are much longer then my lower leg... which gives me long legs but sometimes they look stumpy... haha). So this is what we got!

We hooked my canondale up to it and now I can ride my bike whenever I want. And it's really easy to set up. The hardest part is you have to change you back tire to a smooth tread, so it isn't noisy. We bought the fluid based one because it gives you the most feeling of road biking. Now I can bike everyday through winter without having to get so bundled up!! I'm so excited, especially since it's now getting a little too cold to run outside.

Anyway this dress is from Sara via our Here to There swap. For all the new readers it's a swap the Sara and I are doing with two of our girlfriends in Australia, Ebony of Ebony and Ivory, and Chloe of Butterfly Cupcakes and Daffodils. And it's great cause Sara and I live a block away from each other it's so easy to switch clothes. And Chloe and Ebony just got their packages from me! I'm so excited! I don't even remember what I sent them haha!

} Outfit Details
  Beret } Target
  Dress } Sara via Here to There
  Blouse } Cooperative via UO on sale
  Sweater } Not sure, it's old
  Sweater Tights } Again I have no clue
  Boots } Candies via Kohls
  Necklace } F21

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Clomp Clomp Clompin'


Well right now I'm supposed to be writing and reading... but I'm being distracted. It's cold here so I decided the best thing to wear instead of slippers are my grandma's old clogs... Yep carved wood dutch clogs. With her named carved in them.

They are surprisingly comfy. Haha!

As you can see there was a Peanuts marathon on too. Wooden clogs and Snoopy? What could be better? Oh wait, my dog sitting weirdly like a seal. He's so odd.

Oh well, later. I must get on and draw, write, read, and study.

} Study Outfit Details
  Sweater } AE via Value City
  Shorts } American Apparel with my Groupon!
  Tights } Target $5!
  Socks } Kevin's hunting socks
  Dutch Clogs } My Grandma Peggy's

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Turkey Coma

That's how I can describe the past couple days.

On wednesday Kev and I were in Dayton looking at weddings places and then to go to my dad's side of the family Thanksgiving. We've always had it on Wednesday and then my mom's side on thursday. Well this year was the first time I skipped my mom's and went to Kev's family's dinner. So yeah, every year I have two Thanksgivings... you think you are stuffed! haha.

These were taken outside Kevin's grandparents house. Nothing special. I'm really mad I forgot to take pictures of my outfits on wednesday. Oh well. And all I can say about this outfit, layers around the belly and elastic waist skirt. Perfect fer stuffin'.

Oh I can wait to use some of the gift cards I got for my birthday and the AA groupon from last week!

} Outfit Details
  Blouse, Sweater, Skirt } All on sale from UO
  Tights } Kohls
  Boots } Kohls