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Yay New Blog!

My friend and beautiful mama, Grace is starting a new blog, The Libby’s Urban Homestead! I "met" Grace years ago through blogging, and when I moved out to Oakland, we found out we were neighbors! I've been so lucky to watch her belly grow and meet her daughter Harry, witness her and Pat wed in an amazing location, and now they're expecting their second! I'm so excited for her! So she launching a website launch party on August 25th! There will be giveaways daily, including something from me, and to hear about the giveaways first you can sign up for her newsletter now! Link for it is here (http://eepurl.com/0xj8T).

Here's a brief description of the new site "The Libby’s Urban Homestead is a new blog and website dedicated to PAGAN MYSTICISM - HOLISTIC LIVING - RADICAL PARENTING - VEGAN COOKING/NUTRITION - DIY ETHICS - EARTH MAGICK - TAROT & INTUITIVE READING - GYPSY STYLE - HOMESTEADING Are you intrigued yet??? Sign up for The Libby’s Urban Homestead’s Newsletter for sneak peeks into what to expect during the launch party! Subscribers will also get an exclusive discount code to the Wild Weeds Tarot shop on Etsy!"

I'm really excited, since Mike and I have really gotten into homesteading. I've preserved and canned all of the peaches from our tree in multiple forms (peach salsa, jam, canned in bourbon, and peach brandy), we have been eating lots of veggies from our garden, and I've even started neighborhood foraging, so far only got limes/lemons from my awesome neighbors, and prickle pear cactus fruit from a friends yard. This area is amazing, there's so many fruit trees that are established and don't need watering like a veggie garden. Anyway I'm getting carried away, all that stuff is for another post. So yeah, this site will be awesome-sauce, cause it will!

Follow Grace on instagram! #libbyshomesteadgiveaway @wildweedstarot @rosemaryx

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Exploring: Big Basin State Park

A few weeks ago I drove down to San Jose to meet up with my friends Elle, Clark, and Alex to drive to Big Basin State Park in the Santa Cruz mountains. The drive was crazy, hair pin turns up and down side of the mountain, then down to a non-divided road going into Big Basin... So the inside car had to get close to allow the outside car to pass. All in Elle's manual car. Damn. The views on the ridge were incredible, I'd almost say way cooler than in Big Basin, I mean once you've seen a redwood they all look the same yaknowwhaddimeen? I kid. Seriously the only time I've seen the mountains look like this was in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Absolutely gorgeous with the blue backgrounds and the golden foreground.

We all weren't feeling incredibly adventurous since we all had never been there so we chose a 2 mile loop near the visitor center. It might've been short but the inclines were brutal... well for us four tech workers.

There was an incredible bridge over a ravine made with a fallen tree, it was so cool. Seemed like something from a movie about childhood... that makes perfect sense, trust me. I was surprised comparing this redwood forest to others in the area. There were so many more fallen trees then anywhere else I've been, and a lot more undergrowth. You had to be real careful with all the poison oak around the paths too.

After our hike/walk we went to the visitor center where I bought some knickknacks, cause I like that stuff. They had these cute little cabins by it that were surrounded by redwoods, it was out of a fairy tale, I wonder if they were built like that or built before the trees were large. Next thing to find out if you can stay in them.

All in all it was a wonderful day. The park has a skyline to shore path with camping along the way which could be an amazing two day hike. I'd like to try that sometime... when I have a moment that isn't already taken over by household chores or existing plans... or laying around being lazy.

Till next time I remember to post a blog,
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My Apartment: Welcome

So I've now been in my apartment for over 6 months... I know I know, and I haven't shared it. I'm living in a amazing duplex just a block from my former house. The house itself was built in 1910 and I'm on the first floor with all the original detailing.

The entry hall has massive crown molding, the living room has a cove ceiling, and there's beams over head in the dining room. I also have a teeny yellow tile kitchen with original cabinets and sink, and a wood burning fireplace in the dining room (although it hasn't been used in sometime, I probably won't use it). I also love the pocket french doors! The one odd thing is that the bathroom is through the bedroom, but I've lived in a place like that before, so for me it isn't a big deal.

Moving into this place has made me so happy, but it wasn't without it's problems. The house itself was empty for almost a year because of an illness the landlord had, so of course upon move in there were many things not working. They had to get a new (to me) fridge, stove and water heater, along with fixing the main heat.

Since then some of the original pipes have cracked and leaked, and since it's a California house there's no insulation so I can hear my upstairs neighbors and people on the street really well through these wood and plaster walls. Luckily the landlord has been great and helped with it all, any small fixes I've done with rental deductions. This house I just love and it has so much potential... the floors need refinishing to show off their inlays... The back yard and front could use beautiful flowers... the glass pocket doors could be stripped... So much more that I want to do, but I don't own the house. I dream about buying it all the time and bringing this pink building to a glory that it might've never had.

So here are some photos I took before I moved in to give some idea of the place, with it's amazing south light... I'll try to update more and more what I do with each space. I've already furnished the place with great furniture found off the street, craigslist, and from back home, along with all of Mike's instruments and recording stuff. The place definitely has an old vibe with all our used things, which fits the old house.

Thanks for looking!
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Lonely Crafts: Vase Succulant Garden!

Don't let the title make you feel sorry for me. I think lonely crafts can be the best, cause it's better than sitting on your ass watching three hours of reality tv... Adding a craft to the viewing of that reality show make it's alright!

Last year when I was visiting good ole Ohio, my mom and I went on a mandatory flea/vintage/antique shopping spree! Cause you see, vintage on the west coast is maybe from the 70's and costs an arm and a leg. Ohio however, oh Ohio, your cheap prices and thrifting galore. Anywho, we went to the antique barn and I found this four piece set of white Roseville pottery. If you didn't know, which I'm sure you don't unless you're from Dayton, Roseville Pottery was a company started in Ohio in the late 19th cen, but is most famous for their art deco/art nouveau pottery and were part of the early 20th cen arts and crafts movement. I got four matching pieces from the magnolia collection in white... Which I've never seen! My mom and grandma both have Roseville and even my elementary school and highschool had Roseville drinking fountains and tile work.

So I got two small upright vases and a bowl vase with a flower frog. I've found uses for the two small urn like vases, but the bowl was a hard one. I did put fresh flowers in it a few times, but I could never get it to look good, floral arrangements are not my forte. So when one of my coworker's gave me a bag of succulent cuttings I was like "idea!" and decided to do a little succulent garden in the bowl. Using also some of my garden's succulent cuttings I made this nice little garden.

So here's what I did. First put tons of pebbles and rocks on the bottom evenly to help with drainage. Then I used Miracle grow cactus soil, you can also put some carbon between the two layers but I didn't have any sooo... that didn't happen. Then I packed soil into the flower frog which will be in the center of the garden. Then carefully I took clippings, some with roots and some non rooted and put them all over. I also saved a couple plants from dying pots like my cactus. I didn't fill everything in cause hopefully the ground covering succulents will fill it in. And I used a couple plants that needed some love, so it isn't totally gorgeous looking now but hopefully won't die and become more beautiful!

I'm so happy that this bowl vase now is more attention seeking. And doesn't is look great on my Andre Bus Acclaim end table?! I just recently got that table to go with two other Acclaim pieces I own. I definitely need to fill you guys in on my decorating of our apartment!! It's coming together so well, the music/dining room is almost done, and the living room is pretty much done with lot's of plants that I've kept alive now for 7 months! Yay! I just really want to turn into a crazy plant lady! We've also planted a veggie garden in the back, and have a whole entertainment and eating area in the backyard.

Anyhoodles let's see if I can keep up with blogging!
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Whoa Guys

Hey all you sometimes read this blog! I'm heading out on an incredible trip with my boy and I have lots of photos from the past few months to share! I have a craft project, a home improvement, hiking, and decorating our place. I really can't wait to show them all off... in the mean time here's my favorite picture that my friend took at Big Basin this past weekend! Dressed up in old lady khaki shorts glory! And I really love the meta picture :)

Love ya!