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10 States in 8 Days

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So as you all know I'm going on a trip across country with my best buddy Leyland and my puppy Tripp!! We are so excited and it's going to be amazing! So I decided to share our route with you all!

Day 1 } Dayton - Sioux City, IA
Day 2 } Sioux City - Badlands NP - Rapid City, SD
Day 3 } Rapid City - Mt Rushmore NM - Needles Highway - Deadwood - Devils Tower NM, WY
Day 4 } Devils Tower - Beartooth Highway, MT - Yellowstone NP
Day 5 } Yellowstone!
Day 6 } Yellowstone - Grand Teton NP - Craters of the Moon NP - Boise, ID
Day 7 } Boise - Crater Lake NP, OR - Crescent City, CA
Day 8 } Crescent City - Redwoods NP - Point Reyes NS - San Francisco, CA

I'm really excited I haven't driven across country since this spring (well before that was 3 years ago) and I haven't been to these National Parks in about 7 years!! And I get to add one more state to my travel roster, Oregon! I will now have 46 states under my belt! I'm really excited as well because Leyland has never driven west of Chicago, he's in for a treat!

I have a few more inspiration posts that are scheduled before the awesome guest posts start on Tuesday! I'm so excited to see what they come up with!!

Anyway I'm off Friday morning, next time you hear from me I'll be living in the east bay!
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What Have I Been Up To?

Sorry for the absence... but I've been super busy preparing for my move across country on FRIDAY! I can't believe it's here! Next week I'll be camping with my best friend Lee as we make our way across the country ending in Oakland where I get to become a Californian! AH!

So lately I've just been spending time with friends and family and spent my last midwest Saturday night in Detroit with my friends surrounding me. It was awesome. Here are some snippets of the past week, including hanging with my nephew and family and watching my sister race!

I have some details about my trip planned with inspirational outfits to go along with the sights! I don't plan on dressing up too much for the trip since most of my clothing is all packed up and doesn't lend well to driving for hours and hiking. But I have some wonderful post lined up for some amazing ladies and their four legged friends that I'm sure Tripp will even be jealous of. Until then here is a new Tripp on Stuff post (make sure to follow it on tumblr! I just changed the addy)

ALSO, to keep up to date with my travels, I'm now on Instagram (sparrow_urchin), and of course gotta love my Twitter (@moyerdestroyer)!!!

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Where in Ohio: Jennifer's

Not only is my family originally from Germantown, but a couple years ago my oldest sister bought a house in the country of Germantown! Oh man... am I German or what? hehe

Anyway Jennifer currently is an events coordinator for a local caterer, and she puts her talent to good use! Her house is out of a magazine, and her parties for holidays are always beautiful. Argh I wish I had Jennifer's interior decorating talent!!! Poo!

Well as you can see when we get together times get silly.... So behold, the silliness of my family!

Thanks Jennifer for taking these shots! ('cept of course the Tripp picture... no day is complete without my little bud)


{ outfit details }
{ blouse - thrifted }{ skirt - vintage via Lost & Found Vintage }{ shoes - target, $6! }{ bag - urban outfitters }{ dog - petfinder }
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Where in Ohio: Germantown

So now that I'm spending the month in my home state, I want to try to showcase the places that are dear and important to me before I head off west. All these Ohio posts will be photo heavy so bear with me!

Germantown Ohio is south of Dayton right off the Great Miami River. It was founded in 1804, and actually long past relatives of mine were one of the families that helped start the city. The Moyers have a long history in Germantown, even my Grandpa was Mayor!

So I started my Germantown day at the old covered bridge. I love driving around in the country looking at these beautiful relics of the past. Covered bridges are very much a thing of the midwest. I don't know if they are common elsewhere.

Afterwards I headed through downtown and passed my family's house. I know my grandpa and dad grew up there and my aunt owns it now, but I don't know how far it goes in my family. The alley behind it used to be a canal that dumped into the Ohio-Erie canal. I think (I'm sure my dad will correct this post, haha).

Then I made it to the Germantown dam. I went to the valley overlook but alas it's all overgrown and you can't see very far. It was great to be around hills again... silly flat Michigan! The entire drive I sure felt like I was home, cornfields surrounding me, hilly two lane roads, and of course getting tuck behind a truck filled with hay!

And last I stopped by Moyer Cemetery. I'm not sure which ones are directly related to me but it sure is nice having an old family cemetery that happens to be off of Moyer Road, haha! There was a cop parked outside waiting for speeders and I had a friendly conversation with him about it being my family's cemetery, then he asked "You have family from around here?" I laughed at myself considering why would we have a cemetery here if we weren't from Germantown. Oh well, he was nice and didn't mind me frolicking around among the headstones.

I'm very proud that I have such a rich heritage just 20 minutes from where I was born. It makes me very proud of the area that I grew up in and was surrounded by my entire childhood.


{ outfit details }
{ top - borrowed from Amber Blue Bird }{ skirt - ohio renaissance festival }{ shoes - nordstrom rack }{ belt - anthropologie }{ necklace, bracelets - forever21 }{ purse - urban outfitters }
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What I Wore: The Greene

Well Here I am in my mom's backyard. Woot! I finally felt like dressing up a bit, and of course I have to wear the clothes I'm getting rid of (naturally). So farewell dress! It was real! (if you want this dress email me!)

Anyway, I wore this while walking and shopping around the Greene, and outdoor mall in the Dayton area. I bought a cute little journal, and ate a yummy crepe by myself before heading out to the camera shop for my very own tripod. And alas! Success! Camera is being held wonderfully!!


{ outfit details }
{ dress - pitaya, available for purchase $10 + shipping }{ scarf as belt - not sure }{ shoes - target }{ necklace - urban outfitters }
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Where I've Been: Lake Huron

Last weekend (feels sooo long ago!) I went back to Detroit to hitch a ride with my Ferndale friends up to Eric's family's beach house on Lake Huron on the tip of the thumb. It was absolutely spectacular.

The first day (friday) we got there early and sat in the water drinking mixed drinks and being pushed around in the waves. That night we had family style dinner when most everyone had already gotten there (a few stragglers showed up throughout the weekend, all in all there were 11 of us in the end). The night was finished with a bonfire and lots of beer and laughs.

Saturday started with the guys going for a bike ride (those guys are WAY too serious for me so I did not join in) and then family breakfast. Later after swimming around we all headed towards the river and rented 5 canoes for the ten of us and as soon as we got out of view we roped them all together to make a party barge (unfortunately I did not bring my camera because of you know, that thing called water). I of course got stuck on the outside so I had to use my gun muscles to push us along... I was definitely sore in the later days! We had lots of beer and it took us awhile to make it the lake. Then we all splashed around and I tried doing handstands in the water... but I totally pulled a muscle, haha! On the way back we kept the canoes separate and Kristina and I rowed as we gossiped about life, boys, etc...

Later that night we all snuggled and napped together before heading into town to have some of the worse food ever... it was serious blah. But the people in the bar were top notch. The night was then rounded off with more beer and a group walk along the lake then a midnight swim.... mmmm....

Sunday rounded off the wonderful weekend with more swimming in the lake and me making breakfast with Tom... it was ok. :) Then we had a big group lunch before starting to pack up and head back south... and I fell asleep, haha.

I can't imagine having a better weekend. I love these kids so much!