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Travel: Steep Cliff Ravine Pt. 2


Man it's been a while... so here's the rest of mine and Mike's weekend at the Steep Cliff Ravine Cabins. On Sunday we had to check out of our cabin early so we drove down the road to Stinson beach to have a good yummy breakfast. Best part of breakfast was a loud guy sitting near us telling his friends about his eggs benedict sauce has like "Three cups of cheddar cheese... you know to get the sauce yellow!" His friends tried once to correct him that there was no cheese in the sauce but you could see them easily give up. Haha I really love listening in on some peoples conversations like the creep I am.



After the beach we drove up and up and up to Mt. Tamalpais to go hiking around the redwoods, and walking in the grassy fields. I love Mt Tam, but of course like most everything here I want to go there more often but can never find the time, aw sadface. Such a poor little girl who lives in San Francisco... haha




I absolutely love redwood pine cones, they're soooo tiny yet make the biggest trees! I had a gold coated necklace with a little redwood pine cone on it, and it was my favorite until I lost it :(



Anyway we hiked a bit to a little waterfall, unfortunately the drought made the fall nice but not spectacular like pictures of it in years past. We didn't hike much further because Mike had a twisted ankle, but I know I want to go soon!!

Can you believe these photos were taken in January, I swear the winter here is the most beautiful... If only the summer was warm!!