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Guest Post: She is Sara!

Yo! I'm over at Sara's {She is Sara} blog while she's gone for the weekend. Go checkout my post about a day of exploring Detroit, like the Russian Monastery, Belle Isle, the train depot along with Detroit's Critical Mass bike ride... With Tripp in my backpack!

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What I Wore: Ready Here I Come

Sometimes I feel silly having this blog, but when I think about it I'm proud to have it. I've had this particular blog since January of last year, and before that I kept up on my art blog regularly (when I had my finger on the pulse), or kept up with facebook photo albums or flickr. Going waaay back when I lived in Brazil I had a livejournal.

So one can say that I like to blog, to journal. And although this blog did not start as chronicling my outfits after a month or so it became that. Now I don't know much about fashion, but I know a great deal about sewing, history of costuming, and am a very visual person. Being wrapped up in the art world and illustration fashion and how you present yourself go hand in hand. And since I am not able to paint and draw as much as I used to, thinking of outfit combos and taking pictures of them (even if just by my mirror) gives me a glimpse of visual art during my day.

It has also been so therapeutic. Many days I don't even want to get out of bed, but getting up, fixing my hair, and putting a cute or ridiculous outfit on makes me feel better... more unique... more me. I may not have the best body or the best body image, but it doesn't stop me from wearing what I want. Because we're young, we should live fearlessly. Having an outfit get complimented that you thrifted or got off sales racks is a sense of accomplishment. Which I have currently felt lacking. There are other benefits to this world. I have never felt so supported as I do here. I can vent, I can share my struggles, and even when I loose followers and friends in real life, I gain so much more here in friendships and camaraderie, and am not judged.

So yeah sometimes I'm shy about this here blog, but not as much anymore. Because it may seem silly to some, but it offers a visual to my daily activities, so that I can dive back into that memory and feel it again. Just like how my grandma always remembered the dress she was wearing during important times of her life, I am putting a visual of myself into the history of Lauren Moyer... the Destroyer.

What does this rant have to do with what I wore? Nothing. I'm proud of my thrifted outfit (though I look very young and school girlish), these pictures, my blog, the fact I just did an hour of yoga (i'm all sweaty but it felt good), that I hung these three pieces in platform heels the other day, and that I got through one more day, no matter how crappy that day was.

Artwork by local artist Mary Rousseaux entitled "Summertime" epoxy and resin on board.

{ Materials Used }

Blouse } Thrifted
Skirt } Handmade, thrifted
Shoes } Thrifted
Necklace } F21
Purse } Kohls


Oh and I hope someone got the pun in the post title... Ready... I'm wearing Red? Eh? EH? Laugh, Im effing hilarious.
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What I Wore: The Rustbelt

This outfit made me feel very much like a 1950's camp counselor. I love this blouse I got last year from Penguin and these shorts were found on my thrifting excursion! And I love that my belt matches my sandals!!

On Saturday I rode my bike down to Ferndale's Rustbelt Market with Tripp in tow (oh yeah I carry Tripp in my backpack... yep). I met up with Christina and Dennis of Perfect Laughter, a Detroit art blog, were selling prints and whatnot. Of course people flocked to Tripp as he put on his cute face and rolled over waiting for pets. He's a real ham.

It was the first time I had gone there, the building used to be an Old Navy Outlet, and I can say I was pleasantly surprised! I loved the different types of booths, there was food, beads, art, vintage & handmade... It was awesome, and a great mix of people.

Christina, Tripp, and I headed across the street for lunch at the W.A.B. which was great sitting outside, and with a well behaved dog! He's doing so well with training. Before I rode home I of course had to take a picture for my Tripp on Stuff tumblr (check it out)

Tripp over a display! ahahaha!

That night I rode back down to Ferndale to hook up with Christina and Dennis again then later got a text from Sara saying she saw my bike and hooked up with that gang at the Loving Touch (a pool hall) later... And man I had some good beers, won a pool game, and rode my bike home in a cool breeze. It was a sweet day/night.

Sunday... nothing. Just sat around and gave my Dad a happy pop day call.

{ Materials Used }

Blouse } Original Penguin
Shorts } Vintage, thrifted
Belt } Target
Sandals } F21

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What I Wore: Sea of Blue

I absolutely think this skirt might be the best purchase of Sunday's thrift excursion. I just love it, it sways, and is so light and airy. I have no skirt like this I'm sure it's going to be a summer staple!

And oh! The beautiful Wangari sent me the most amazing care package including this amazing owl ring!! It hasn't left it's perch from my finger since I got it!! I love it!! Squee! I needed rings and she bought me some, and two pairs of socks, and a headband, and a little advertisement... And the same day I got a card from my mommy with a picture of Tripp on an ottoman! haha!! I also got to hang out with my college friends Mike and Morgan who live in Pittsburg now... amazingly Morgan's pregnant! She's my first friend to be having a baby and I'm so excited for the two of them!! It's a girl! Yay! Great day all around!

{ Materials Used}

Shirt } Anthro, on sale
Skirt } Thrifted
Belt } mom's
Heels } Aldo
Necklace } F21
Ring } Gift, Wangari!!

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Art: While I've been away

So I may have mentioned that while I was gone from this world of blogging and dealing with my major life change, I was also in a group art show in town... So here you guys are...

"A Little Help from my Friends"

My Junior year in college ('07) I experimented with painting on linen and incorporating embroidery and multiple layers of canvas... My most successful piece was this one, "Rebbecca Rolfe Learns to Sew"

Anyway with all the turmoil of my life I've decided to got back to that experiment. I have a great fondness for sewing and embroidery and am excited to start this again.

This piece I painted the girl on the main canvas and the hand and birds on a separate canvas, then cut those out and embroidered them onto the main. I made the mistake though of using Cotton Duck Canvas instead of Linen... and may I say that was near impossible... I wasn't able to do all the embroidery that I wanted.

The idea of this piece goes along with what has been happening with me lately. That sometimes you have to start sewing yourself back together, making yourself presentable and feeling good, and while you do that you have to allow your friends to help give you the tools in order to pull yourself together.

So yeah. Deep. I know.

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Tripp Tuesday: Thrift Edition

On Sunday Sara, Cat, and two local blogging sisters, Tiffany of Nynga + the Bear and Britty of WoodStock Hearts Fashion went out for breakfast then fun times thrifting! We all got some sweet stuff! I got a sheer white blouse, a silk rainbow blouse, green safari shorts, a red hand made skirt, a long blue/green skirt, basket weave shoes, and the best thing... Micky Mouse shorts! The girls got some great stuff and we all spent less than 22 bucks! Yay for a good thrift day! I'm still looking for more blouses, especially short sleeve, and more non-patterned stuff (I have tons of patterned crap!). Also shorts! They are the bane of shopping and I'm so happy I found a perfect military/safari high waist style pair! Now I need some denim shorts and khaki ones!

Oh and beware of the faces I make... I'm a bit ridiculous.

I wore bike shorts under my skirt so trying on things was a sinch, but then gave the girls entertainment by having me try funny stuff on.

Most of these photos are from Sara! I <3 her!!

The best thing... Tripp approves!!

{ Outfit Details }

Blouse } UO, on sale
Skirt } UO, on sale
Belt } Vintage, mom's
Sandals } F21
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What I Wore: Bday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations had this weekend! First the Matinee Manitees (what I'm calling me and my friends who have started going to matinees at the new movie theater two blocks away) saw Super 8, which was awesome!!!!!! I of course being from Dayton, OH was super excited because I thought it was going to be about how it's rumored that the area 51 aliens are kept at a secret building in Wright Patt Air Force Base (right outside of Dayton) and the movie is about Air Force cargo being taken to WPAFB holding something.... Ah I was so excited! I have to say at first I was apprehensive but as soon as I let go of my initial ideas about the movie I realized how much I liked it. Gave me a hankering to watch Close Encounters real bad... That movie is spectacular.

Later that night the gang hung out at the Loving Touch pool hall, drank some beers, played pool, and of course the bday boys had their shots. Fun had by all... And I got to dress summery! I did though wear a brown blazer with this outfit. I had to wear some type of tights too (I have nude fishnets on) because I'm not use to how short these shorts are!! Still am weirded out by exposed skin in the summer, don't you hate that how you are used to being covered for months then you have to let you skin see the light... ah!

{ Materials Used }

Blouse } Original Penguin
Shorts } AA
Belt } Anthro
Shoes } Anthro, on sale

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Esty Update: Blouses & Skirts

{ Green Toile Blouse - L }

{ Black Belted Blouse - M }

{ Brown Wool Mini Skirt - XS/S }

{ Rainbow Navy Skirt - S/M }

Esty Sunday Update! Just a couple cute things that want to go home with you! Click on the pictures to go to the listing!