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Artwork H.I.P.

Since this week is very crazy (i'm working over 50 hrs, it's our big sale at the Michigan Design Center) I thought I would pay homage to all the paintings at the gallery I work at that I have used as back drops, and have gone off into the world on their own with new parents.

To all those adopted paintings, may they H.I.P. 
Hang In Peace.

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Most Comfy Dress Ever

Another great find from the Ann Arbor art fair is this beaut. Jen found it in a closet at this great antique store. There is actually a buttoned top that goes with it to, but makes it more dressy. I'm pretty sure it's a dress from the 40/50's and rayon so it feels like nothing is on and is sooo lightweight and cool. Your it to work today and was wonderful to work in. I did sooo much. Jeez.

|| Dress - Vintage || Shoes - Lucky Penny from Anthropologie || Belt - Anthropologie ||

Run Around!!!


So then Kevin decided to climb a tree

He's gots muscles.
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Paint on my fingers

This weekend was a great weekend. I had forgot what it felt like to just stay home and not worry about where I'm going. Thursday night I sat at home, painted and drank mountain dew, and man it felt good, I felt like myself for once. I had Friday off, which was amazing, I sat around and sketched out painting ideas while storms ran through and watched Veronica Mars (why was that show canceled?) I'm almost done with a painting and a screen print drawing... Yay! I know now that I'm back into painting the canvas will just paint itself.

On Saturday I went to the Ann Arbor Art fair, mainly for the sidewalk sales. I'm sure they were better o wednesday because by saturday morning a lot was picked over. But it doesn't matter me and my girlfriend Jen had an awesome time. Here's what I wore yesterday going to get some breakfast crepes with Kevin using my sidewalk sale finds (I accidentally left my leftovers at the restaurant, don't you hate when you do that?).

|| Blouse - UO $5 || Skirt - Pitaya $10 ||

There will be more on this necklace at a later time :)

Here's a sneak peek to my newest painting in progress

A little more on all this on my art blog >> http://laurenmoyer.blogspot.com
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Art Print Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is...... #8!

Daisymay aka Chantele! from Daisy Dayz!

Sorry about the terrible photobooth picture. Currently I am listening to the Das Rheingold opera by Wagner and painting. I have to finish this by saturday, and prepare some screen prints! YAY!

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this giveaway. Maria from Lululetty and Sara from She is Sara have been so great! Thanks so much!

I think I will be doing this giveaway again. I have a few screenprints I'd like to get rid of too. We'll see!! Thanks for the great response!
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Day changes

First off don't forget about my contest! It ends tonight! These prints want to go home with you!

Click on the photos or here to enter!
Ok now continuing, this is what I wore when I got into work yesterday. This skirt was my mom's from the 70's and as you can see it's a mini. Well with everything that happened with the invasion of ants I felt that I should probably change into a more utilitarian outfit.

}{ Hat & Necklace - F21 }{ Blouse - Action Is The Fruit on Etsy }{ 
}{ Toggle Belt - UO }{  Skirt - My mom's  }{ Shoes - Aldo }{

Start of a clone set of pictures but I didn't like the outfit enough... soon storage room will have a clone shot

Luckily I have clothes in my car at all times so I went and grabbed this good ole' skirt. I really like how Nautical this outfit ended up looking and how 70's the other one looked. Eh, clothes change as the day does.

}{ Hat & Necklace - F21 }{ Blouse - Action Is The Fruit on Etsy }{ 
}{ Belt - UO (I got it on sale but it was a size large, so I just shortened it by sewing the back, viola!) }{
}{ Skirt - American Eagle (I used to work there, I have so many oldies from there) }{
}{ Shoes - Aldo }{ Spartan Head Tiger's Eye Ring - Grandma's }{

I love this blouse, I got it on etsy from Action Is The Fruit on sale! I love it! It has a cute little tie detail. She has some great stuff!! And her daily outfit blog is great! A Thought is the Blossom, check her out! I want all the new dresses she listed!

I also passed the blouse over the Sara to style, can't wait to see what she does! :)
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Out of Place

So now for a Wednesday Humpday Rant, I'm sorry about this whiny post but sometimes we all need to vent, and I've tried keeping it all off this little outlet, but hey we all need each other sometimes.

I guess this rant started in my head this morning walking into to work just to find Ants. All over. Marching down the hallway of the gallery. And with the frustration of being by myself (my boss was on a delivery) and having to kill all the ants and clean them up, brought on my own Ants. Automatic Negative Thoughts. I usually only allow myself self pity in the shower and when I get out I take a breath and start a new day. But it seems these ants have been creeping into my head for the past couple weeks, and the literal ants just brought my frustration to a head.

I started this blog because I really like blogging (remember those livejournal days?) and my art blog wasn't being updated much, I haven't been very productive. And I saw this as a way to push myself to try harder when it came to what I wear and how I feel about myself. I love clothes but always found it easier to roll out of bed and throw on some jeans and a tee, and in the midwest that look is totally acceptable. If you wear heels, gasp, what's the occasion? In other cities mainly the east and west coast people wear nice clothes and heels all the time but it seems between the two mountains heels are not a norm. I often at times feel silly dressing up and feel completely out of place. I don't feel that my style looks effortless or that I don't give off a cool, chic personality. I've thought in the past, oh it's because my hair is blond, I don't look tough and artsy; or oh my body shape is wrong, clothes don't look good on me; or I don't have an outgoing personality. But meeting so many people through this little blog taught me that yep we all feel that way. Now the only problem is how do we NOT feel that way.

I have now started to find myself comparing myself to girls on lookbook and chictopia who are ten years younger than me and oh so chic looking. Oh i want to be them! But I have to remember that I am buying my own clothes and working for myself, and in the art industry you don't have much money to spend. My style may not be crazy and swoon inducing but it is practical and comfortable, which is what I need. I do have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are splurges, namely my Frye riding boots, but those are few. Even looking in my closet is a sad sight, Kevin and I share a closet and in addition I have two drawers of clothes. I really don't have many clothes at all. I'm pretty good at getting rid of old stuff. Seeing the endless amounts of clothes some girls have makes me feel even more unworthy.

So I really don't know what this post is really about, I guess it is that I feel like I've hit a brick wall when it comes to my clothes, my art, my career... but I know that feeling is also because I am so overwhelmed with my life right now. I did end one of my jobs and so I only work 1 full time job now. I'm feeling more and more under appreciated and more self conscious. I have to get together an art show for the beginning of September and I really haven't started painting anything new. I wanted to take the GRE this summer so I could start applying for grad schools in the fall. I planned on running more this summer, I even did a 5k in the spring, but alas I haven't run anymore, which makes me feel more unaccomplished. I have been able to loose some weight since graduating but it's so hard when your partner is in love with working out and healthy food... and is naturally a twig. And to make everything worse the weather is so miserable, just rain and clouds and humid heat.

I'm so overwhelmed it makes me feel like crying, but I guess the moral of the story is I have to keep pushing myself. Even when I feel like this blog is pointless I have to remember the friends I have made through it. I adore Sara, she's one of my closest friends now, and the support I received from Maria of lululetty for my giveaway was amazing, and we had only met once. I'm finding more girls from my hometown and my current town that I get along with so well and have so much in common.

SO I guess I just have to keep going, just keep going.

I wish I could go back to this photo when Kev and I were driving across the country, I had just graduated and we both had dreams in our heads and stars in our eyes. Damn economy and Damn Detroit for stealing those away from me, I want them back. Now I just need to scramble out of this hole of self pity and smile at the sun outside.

End mindless typing of feelings. Thanks for listening. Now listen to this amazing Wagner... oh I miss playing classical music

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New Shoes

Nothing special about this outfit other than my awesome new shoes from Guess. I've been eyeing them for months and it paid off. I got them 50% off the already discounted price. YAY! It's weird being 5'6" adding 5" heels makes me a giant to everyone. Oh well I love them and they are comfortable.

|| Black Shirt - ? || Necklace & Belt - F21 || Skirt - ? || Wedges - Guess ||  Hat - Kevin's via UO ||
Remember my giveaway is till Thursday night!!!
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S&U On Tour } Miamisburg Mound

This weekend was super filled again... I have only had one free weekend this summer! I'm exhausted... On Saturday was the Royal Oak garage sale, which is held yearly in a parking structure and people just set up their booths. I got some great finds, a purse for $5, a romper for $1, some gifts for my mom and cousin. Kevin got an ammo box for my nephew and two shirts for $12. Then after spending the morning in the heat we napped before hitting the road for ohio to spend Sunday with my mom and step-dad's family.

Another group shot! My step brothers are the big dudes on the left, their arms are bigger than my head.

After the family function on the way back from my sister's, Kevin and I stopped at the Miamisburg Mound State Memorial. I've actually never been there which is surprising because it's literally 15 minutes away and on the way to my grandparent's house.

Ohio is known for it's Mounds, mainly Serpent Mound, which is not a burial mound. The Miamisburg Mound is the tallest Mound east of the Mississippi and currently measures 65ft tall, it was once 68ft or taller.

Archeologists believe it is a mound built by the Adena people, a prehistoric native culture who's origins are unknown, and are now known more as the Mound Builders because of their earthworks and burial mounds. They lived in the Ohio river valley around 1000-800 BC and were the first people in the region to domesticate food and were at that time pretty far beyond other cultures in the US.

|| Lace shirt - UO on sale! || Skirt - Target || Necklace, Shades - F21 ||
|| Purse - Royal Oak Garage Sale || Sandals - Aldo ||

The view from uptop was amazing, the mound is built on a 100ft bluff looking over the Miami River. You can see so far, I could see downtown Dayton. I'm sure if it wasn't sooo humid that day you could see ever farther.

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Art Print Giveaway!

My first giveaway! I'm excited!

So as you can see I'm giving away some art prints! They are prints of my own oil paintings from a series I did on animal interaction and humans in the form of fashion. Most all of my art centers around females and animal counterparts in some type of interaction. I'm very environmentally conscious and have been most all my life, and my art features many of my thoughts on the way we treat ourselves compared to our fellow animals.

They are giclee prints (archival ink on archival paper) and a watercolor somerset velvet paper. It's a thicker stock and feels great between your fingers. The prints are 6.5 x 7.5 on approx 7.5 x 9 paper (I trim them so it may be a little off) All prints are signed and printed by me!

Here you can see this same set listed on my Etsy store at $20.00 plus shipping (my prices are really too low, but hey)

You see that 4 prints!!

Auto outfit picture
|| Blouse - UO || Skirt - Anthro || Ring & Sunnies - F21 ||

All nice and packed ready for you to hang them up!


1) Follow me on either Google Reader or Friend Connect or Whatever!
2) Tell me what you think and where would you put these prints?
3) Leave me some way to get a hold of you!! Like your email!!

And please spread the word! This is open to all countries, paper ships anywhere!

Contest ends Friday July 23rd at 12:00am EST, and winner will be drawn on Friday afternoon using an auto number generator


Tripp says Do IT! 

& thanks Sara for the pictures!!