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Weather Appropriate?

Trench - Mossimo from Target | Teal Cardi - PacSun | Ruffle Blouse - Merona from Target | Belt - Forever21 | Shorts - Forever21 | Knit Tights - UO | Boots - Frye Field Riding Boot

I'm really bad at judging whether or not the weather will be nice. Yesterday it rained when I left work then got hot, today I thought I'll try the tights and shorts look, and I haven't worn my boots in a week or so... and now all of a sudden they say it's going to be a hot day today... jeez weather, make up your mind! Oh well I'm indoors all day anyway.
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Pencil Jumper

Crochet Cardi - BDG from UO  |  Plaid Button Up - Forever21  |  Skirt - Sheri Highwaist Pencil by BCBG  |  Navy Maryjanes - Blowfish  |  Leaf Bracelet - Forever21

Buttons from school, "CCS 100" celebrating out centenial, and "My Prostate Hurts" from someone's Graphic Design project where they handed out random buttons... I love it.

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Thanks grandpa for being the same size as me!

Ridiculous Sailor Moon-esque poses, haha!

Blouse - Kimchi & Blue from UO | Pants - WWII US Navy Wool Pants from my Grandpa | Shoes - Converse from Brazil

I found a bunch of pairs of my grandpa's navy pants and shirts from WWII... and they fit me, just a little itchy :D I hate to wear legging or tights underneath. My mom gave me one piece of advice for the fashion, Don't Wear them to the Bar. Seemingly my mom's favorite pair of pants in college were some thrifted navy pants, and while drunk in a bar, the 13 buttons on the flap, PLUS the couple on the waist belt are hard to maneuver with drunk fingers.

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Look at our new baby

Kevin has decided to sell his Monte Carlo and buy his love... a 73 Nova Hatchback.

He's going to switch out his new nice engine in the Monte and put it in the Nova, sweet!!! It's so Mad Max

We picked it up in my hometown of Dayton, OH... And it is a really solid body which is hard to find around Detroit cause they salt the roads really bad here and the roads are absolutely awful. Excited!

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Easter in Ohio

Straw Hat - Forever21 | Floral Tunic - Heritage 1981 | Blue Cotton Shorts - Heritage 1981 | Crochet Belt - Forever21 | Green Ribbon Shoes - Reebok

At the park on Easter with my awesome sisters!
I can't believe how warm it is, I hope it stays this warm, but looking at the forecast it looks as though the weather is going back to normal, which of course is better than too cold.