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Travel: Angel Island

Now weeks ago a few of my buddies and I took a nice little sail to Angel Island, a state park off of Tiberon in San Francisco Bay. It's a pretty common place we sail to always rewarding us with a deserted island (since the last ferry leaves at 4). This time as we neared we could hear the barking of seals playing in the bay that we usually anchor in. Lucky for us they were super playful, one even came up to the boat and did a backflip for us! Sadly I don't have an awesome photo but I have some pretty good ones... you guys have an imagination :)



After some hotdogs and burgers, we made our way to the old abandoned military buildings along the shore. Some you can walk into but the stairs are knocked out so you can't go upstairs. Another building you can get into by jumping and pulling yourself up onto a second floor ledge. I myself would not do that, so while other people went on a head and made fun of me, I walked around the building surveying the land. And lo and behold one of the locked doors was open... so I sneaked in a scared the others. Naturally.




This history of Angel Island is quite spectacular and also somewhat depressing. Starting out as a base it soon became the "Ellis Island" of the west, hosting immigrants from russia, asia, and sometimes europeans. Unfortunately the times weren't the best and there was strong racism towards many asian immigrants many times quarantining them and forcing them into small living quarters sometimes for years waiting to be allowed entry to the US. None of these photos are of the immigration buildings which are on another side. These are all part of the massive fort on the island, Ft. McDowell, specifically the East Garrison. These buildings were mainly occupied during WWII since San Francisco was a major staging area for the Pacific theater.



I go back often and this isn't the first post, and I'm sure it won't be the last. We go there often and it's a definitely favorite of living in the bay area. If you're in SF ever you should definitely visit, it's not as common as alcatraz but a billion times more beautiful, and there's cute little deer living there too... So that's awesome.


- Lauren