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What I Wore: Red & Blue

This rain here has been awful... So dreary. Luckily this outfit brightened my day a bit. I always forget how getting nicely dressed can make any day better. And I always forget about this jean jacket... It was my old flatmate Mike's exgirlfriends... we found it in his stuff when he was moving out... haha I love free stuff.

And with this outfit (from last wednesday) I would like to say goodbye May!!! We had some good times, and some bad... and some really good season finales. Um... did anyone watch Bones? OMG?! Squeal worthy, now fanfiction will have to hold me over till next season. Yep, I'm a nerd.

{ Materials Used }

Jacket } free, from Mike
Blouse } UO, sale
Skirt } UO, sale
Shoes } UO, sale
Belt } UO, sale
Bracelet } Gift, local art gallery/shop


Oh and of course no Tuesday is complete without this weeks cutest Tripp picture.

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What I Wore: Beige & Rust

SO I love my camera but the weather has been so over cast... I need sun!! Also for some reason my photoshop can't read the RAW files created by the camera, I need to download the RAW converter... But I'm lazy... So just playing in the actual photoshop. So grainy! I need to learn more about my new camera...

{ Materials Used }

Blazer } from Sara
tShirt } Target
Jeans } American Apparel, will most likely be selling the mine and Sara's Closet Shop!!
Belt } Target
Shoes } Converse, from Brasil
Purse } Thrifted
Necklace } F21

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At Work: The Tutu Series

Two weeks ago on the 13th I curated a show at my gallery!

"the Tutu series: past and present works by Lenore Gimpert"

Lenore is one of our local regular artists whom the design community adores. Her work is seen all around the Detroit area as well as the Caribbean, NYC, and the north-east. I decided a couple months ago to throw together a show and try to get new people into the showroom. I was pleased with the turnout, and we had great food, and of course for her french inspired art we had pink champagne and macaroons! yum yum!!

And of course I also had to dress ballerina-esque! Too bad I forgot my pointe shoes. :)

I also designed all the posters, postcards, and tags; wrote the press releases and managed the social media outlets... The hardest part was my trip to San Fran was the week before the opening. So I had a week to paint and fill in all the holes in the main space in the showroom and hang everything. We had 29 of her pieces, as well as rehanging other rooms in the gallery to make everything flow together. It was a crazy week! But ending it eating treats and drinking champagne was worth it.

{ Materials Used }

Leotard } American Apparel
Skirt } Vintage Dress, will be for sale in my Etsy shop soon!!
Heels } Gifted from Kristina
Belt } Urban Outfitters
Necklace & Bracelet } F21

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Oh Yeah Forgot to Tell You

In March I was featured on the MTV Style blog as a top style blogger of the week with mixing animal prints. I was so stunned and excited! It was a good day, I was featured with Kim from Eat.Sleep.Wear, and Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps. Check it out here, image is from the mtv post.

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Where I've Been: Driving Across Country

As I mentioned in the previous post about what I've been up to while I took a hiatus from blogging and started making a new single life for myself, I wrote that my dad and I drove back from San Fran in a van full of motorcycles.

So here is the rest of the post. From Monday morning, April 25th till Thursday afternoon my dad and I drove from San Fran, through the Sierra Nevada, through the Salt Flats, by the great salt lake, through the mountains/prairies in Wyoming, past the continental plateau, then the boring stretch back to Dayton, OH. It was great, this will be the third time I've driven from Dayton to the west coast in the past 3 years, or visa versa, and I doubt it'll be the last. My childhood also consisted of me and my parents and sisters getting into the van and traveling around the country. I've been to 45 states, and countless National Parks. Although this trip was very quick, it wasn't without it beautiful views. And I got to experience the country changing from winter to spring, the weather changed every half and hour, my dad and drove through 80 degree weather and white out snow storms. It was exciting.

And now a photo overload.

Our Chariot

Entering the Sierra Nevadas

The weather ontop of the mountains

Surprisingly there were stores selling all kinds of jerky around Donner Pass... I wouldn't trust buying meat from there. :)

Oh A real Cowboy... on a horse. I drooled.


Most of my time

A rain bow and rain!

The Salt Flats... which were cold and windy.

The reflections of the mountains are being reflected by the sand/salt flats... not water.

Great Salt Lake, didn't jump in, but I would float!

Looks like a Russell Chatham painting.

Flaming Gorge.

I've always been obsessed with runaway truck ramps.

Where a tree has been growing out a tree for centuries, was a stop on the Oregon Trail.. It was also so windy that I was blown over and my dad caught me.

Smalltown, USA.

And there you have it a few notable pictures from a quick drive across country. Sorry no cool outfit shots and whatnot... we had a deadline, and I wasn't feeling like getting dressed up... I only had a backpack of clothes :)

Don't worry... there will be another post like this in a few months... Where will I drive to?

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Tripp goes to School

Oh lookie there, it's Tripp Tuesday!!!

So on Wednesday I start private training with my little buddy Tripp. I'm really excited. Tripp is super smart but I really need to be able to control him better, he's a brat and likes not to listen. And with all the plans coming to fruition in the fall, he needs to be his best!! I've been wanting to do formal training since I got him, but with the recent events in my life I've started to take more initiative and make plans. So Tripp is starting school. The trainer really likes him, and I hope we can learn how to deal with Tripp properly, he's scared sometimes because when I adopted him he had been abused, and he sometimes gets very defensive or scared and barks/mouths.

Oh and another thing I took initiative on... I bought a Canon T3. Yay! I have a DSLR of my own now... No more borrowing my work camera. This past weekend I was in Ohio and took some great pictures with it (mainly of Tripp... I think he will become a staple of the blog). I can't wait to upload them later this week.

I also scanned in some great photos from my past, and some "racy" ones from freshman year when my Photographer friend used me as a model. I'll have to show you them... they are so cute. (and by racy, I don't mean too overtly sexual or anything, but they definitely are Freshman year art school... haha!)

Until then...

Huggles, Lauren

Oh and I want to thank everyone for the emails and comments concerning my recent split... It took a lot for me to finally open up to your guys, and I feel so much better letting it out in the open. I need to respond to everyone which I will get too... just haven't sat myself down to write you all. Love you.
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April Outfits

Might as well jump right back into the clothes game... here are some outfits I managed to snap pictures of in the month of april... I really love my new bellbottoms and shoes. I'm also excited to show you guys how I redid my boudoir. It's kinda girlie to the max... it's fun being able to decorate to yourself and never worry about someone else. Trying to remember the positive here!

I love my new red shoes, I wore them out to an art even with Leyland and he was astounded at the fact every 5 minutes someone said something about my shoes... But hey everyone loves shoes.

Blouse, Skirt, Shoes } UO, onsale

It was randomly 80+ degrees this day but I still wore a cardi, cause I wasn't about to expose that much skin!!!

Romper } Target

My mommy's house! Don't ask me what I'm doing

Blouse } Original Penguin
Shorts } Custom made from Etsy

mmmmmm.... bellbottoms.... I'm talking to Ashley! haha!

Bellbottoms } UO, on sale

And a close up on the shoes... yummy.

Hopefully I'll get back to dressing all nice, you guys really do inspire me.