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Limited Edition Screenprint

Here's a screen print I finished for my show "The Preserve" this friday! Sara was kind enough to take some pictures of the print unframed and the framed option.

Goose Girl
Goose Girl


4 color screen print (Blue, Yellow, Pink, and purple-gray Linework
Edition of 25

Framed or Unframed

for pricing please email me at
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What have I been up to?

This entire week I've been getting stuff together for my artshow on Sept 3rd... and of course my car broke, I had major screen printing issues, and I"M SICK!! Gah, it rains... no it pours. Well here are some little pictures from my iPhone so you can see what I've been up to.

Quick work outfit pics.
Kevin Juicing... YUM!
A Roast I made which lasted Kev and I almost a whole week, and it was Deer meat... I'm sorry but really it is so good for you and our friend gave it to us for free... I mean hey I do live in Michigan

Stopped by the Russel Industrial Complex to visit the People's Art Fair and got my screens from Dennis and Christina who are absolutely wonderful, they run a Detroit Art Blog call Perfect Laughter
Tripp was sitting very oddly
Various stages of my screen prints

So yeah the art will soon be hanging on the gallery walls and I will resume my normal program!!
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Best of the Summer // 100th Post

Even though Summer is still in full swing, and I'm on a blogging "vacation", I thought for my 100th post to do a recap. I really started getting into taking good outfit photos as the weather warmed. I've learned a lot these past few months about using what was already in my closet and fitting it to my body type. I taken a lot of skirts and dresses that no longer fit me and learned that belting and taking seams in helps make an old piece of cloth into something wonderful. Although I don't have the most fashion forward closet I've learned alot on how to dress for work, make myself appropiate yet somewhat artsy which helps me sell art. I've noticed people trust my authority in the art realm, my tastes, and whatnot if I dress nice with a little quirkiness on the side. I do work at an art gallery, and dressing better hels sell art.

I've also been able to meet so many great girls locally and internationally which has been truly incredible because after college it can be really hard to meet new people of similar interests. One of my new greatest friends I met through these networks, I'm so happy to know Sara from She is Sara, and to have met Cat from Midwest Mayhem, Katie from Tinda Keelie, and Maria from Lulu Letty is all so amazing. And then through the powers of the internet have been able to talk to great girls around the country and world, Alyson from Alyson is Neat, Ebony from Ebony and Ivory, Chloe from Butterfly Cupcakes and Daffodils, Christy from Stories Read Aloud, and so many more!

So yeah I've learned a lot and with little ado here are my favorite looks/pictures from this spring/summer!

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The Silent Giants Art Show

Hello strangers, while on my "Break" I will still give you a few updates on what's going on, I maybe will have some guest posts! How fun!

Wednesday night I went to the Silent Giants Art Show and sadly I didn't take any pictures! But I did buy two screenprints!
Afterwards we hit up the saloon by my house and Kevin managed to take a couple quick photos of my outfit later that night!

{ Dress - UO }{ Boots - Frye }{ Necklace - F21 }{ Purse - Thrifted }

And I did get to wear my Frye boots!! Oh I've missed you boots!
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Art Shows and Sushi

Pictures from the weekend. Went to my besty Heather's art show opening in downtown Royal Oak. Go check out her stuff it's super cute! Heather Hansma's Art page. She also has an etsy page too where you buy some prints!

{ Bunny Ears - UO $5 sale }{ White Tank - Target }{ Black Skirt - UO }
{ Yellow skirt as petticoat - Target }{ Wedges - Guess }{ Necklace - F21 }

Saturday night our friend Ian came by thinking there was another art show but he had the dates confused so we just went out for some sushi.

Next weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise so there are already a ton of vintage cars out and about. Too bad Kevin's Nova probably won't be up and running.

{ Blouse - Grandma's }{ Shorts - Seana Gordon via Etsy }
{ Shoes - Lucky Penny via Anthropologie }{ Purse - Vintage via RO Garage Sale }
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The Dakota Inn Rathskellar and Hiatus

Thursday night Sara, Kyle, Kevin and I went to the Dakota Inn, a Rathskellar in the old section of Detroit. Now there is only burnt out buildings around it, but luckily it's still there in all it's glory. Kev and I treated Sara and Kyle because they took care of Tripp.

{ Dress - Vintage, Kev bought it for me years ago, my first vintage dress out of the fam! }
{ Belt - Ecote via UO }{ Wedges - Guess }{ Bracelet - From the Snail & Sparrow Trade }

We stuffed ourselves silly with yummy pork, and potato pancakes, beer, cheese, and sausage, oh and cabbage! I was so excited to stuff myself again for fridays leftover lunch.

We're totally planning on going back for Oktoberfest! They have singalongs!

Also I'm going to try to force myself into a hiatus. I have the art show coming up and really need to focus. This has been a great outlet for me, but it also is so easy to get overwhelmed and use it to waste precious time. I will try to keep track of what I wear to work, and post a couple times a week, but I really shouldn't post everyday.

My artshow is Sept 3rd and it's called The Preserve. I'll keep you guys updated on that too, and probably a giveaway will go along with it.