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Wedding Season

Well I guess summertime is wedding season right? Well I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the best wedding I've ever been to. The lovely Grace (http://wildweedsdirtyhair.com/) and Pat got married this past month in an amazing ceremony in the afternoon by the reservoir. They had blankets all around for the guests to sit on for the ceremony and the reception was picnic boxed lunches on tables under the trees and tons of lawn games. Mike killed me at croquet :(

It was so great and so funny too. Funny because Grace I met through this wonderful world of blogging, and when I moved out here to Oakland she invited me over for a potluck, and it was awesome to find out she lived down the street from my new house! Of course we've now bonded in real life over clothes, growing up in Ohio, and going to art school. I have found some of my greatest friends I have met through the internet. Ever since my jr high art pen pal Al, found out we started the same art school in college. After college when I lived in Anchorage I posted a "what to do?" on craigslist and Ashley answered thus becoming my bestie. Then there was also this one blogger Sara ;) who from her pictures we found out lived a block away from each other, and a couple years later I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. And now Grace! I love the internet, it brings me friends and not creepos!

Anyway sorry I digress.

It was a beautiful wedding and I'm so happy I was there to be a part of it Grace. And I got to buy and wear this amazing pink and sherbet silk dress from Madewell, and not pictured the most amazing swedish hasbeens I got. Thanks lady! :)

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DIY: Nautical I Love You!

Yay! I'm so happy you guys liked my sailor top I made. So to continue on with the trend here's a fun nautical inspired DIY Project! Creating hidden messages with the international maritime flags! Here's a print out you can cut out at home and hang up this for the one you love like a sailor loves the sea! C'mon everyone loves this whole nautical look!

Start out fist downloading this pdf https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4oTVeyiNDfudUx1c20wSVlpREk/edit?usp=sharing. Cut between the g=flag shapes where the arrows tell you to cut. For best results use a ruler and xacto blade. Fold the 8 rectangles in half to make little squares. Then get a cute piece of ribbon, twine, or string around two feet in length and take the folded flags and put the string in the fold, like a hot dog into a bun! Try to space them evenly or into words like I did. Then take a glue stick and swipe some glue into the fold and shut the fold over the string. Let the glue dry then take the ends of the string and hang up your nautical flag pennant flag!!

I love my little flags hanging over my bed with my awesome California hanging to remind me of the adventures I've had out here and all the fun things I've done these past two years by the sea, on the sea and sailing. look up online for the whole International Maritime Flag alphabet, and make your own phrases! Here's the wikipedia article about these awesome flags (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_maritime_signal_flags)

Have fun making your sea loving message, and let me know how you like them!

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Sailor, Sailor

What's this?! Another post? In ONE week! Yep that's right! Summer's almost over, but I still have so much to share about it! I started sewing again and getting used to the machine that Mike got me two christmases ago. It's a super old machine that can only do a forward straight stitch, just the basics, all you need. I got this adorable pattern from etsy, and decided to make view 3.

It turned out really well, just a bit boxier than I'm used to and the most common issue I always have, a very loose bust. Oh well, never going to get boobs... deal with it. Anyway my mom sent me some amazing vintage fabric, and I used a mint light weight cotton. It's really comfy and I wear it all the time! I love it... and yes I've worn it on the sail boat... I could totally do an entire months of posts of Nautical design, clothes, and trips.... Should I do that?

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Hey Strangers!!!

 So.... You know it's been sometime since we last spoke, but I've been busy with life, you know! Since we last talked, I've wine to Ohio over Memorial Day for a quick trip, we went camping and tubing in Sonoma, been hanging out with an old CCS colleague and her doggy, more Michigan people moved here, Mike and I went to Philadelphia, the Jersey shore, and sailing on the Chesapeake bay, and as I type I'm sitting back in Ohio visiting family because unfortunately my Grandfather passed suddenly. I plan on discussing all this on this here blog, because there's been amazing trips, and my grandfather had some of the most wonderful 91 years anyone could wish for. To read a beautiful dedication to my gpa please head over to my sister's blog here, http://dayinthelifeofam.blogspot.com/. But I wanted to stop in and tell you about some changes here on the blog.

I know I've said this before, but I really plan on keeping this up. I've just updated my portfolio site (but still have so much more to update!!) go check it out and see some of the stuff I do for work (http://www.laurenmoyer.com) I'm also starting to do pet portraits again! Mainly to help go towards a moving fund for me, I just found out my landlord is selling the house I'm in (not good) but maybe I'll find my dream apartment (maybe good!). So tell one and all and go to laurenmoyer.etsy.com!

Now this website is going to incorporate my art and life more so, kinda like my old art blog, http://laurenmoyer.blogspot.com/. I've thought about changing the name away from Sparrow & Urchin, but for now it'll stay, it still feels like me, I'm sometimes a happy little sparrow and sometimes I feel like a little street urchin, a lone kid in a new city and life.

Anyway, how are all of you few followers I still have? I wanna here about your lives! Email or comment or whatever!

Missed you all,

Pictures from Jersey shore and sailing on the Chesapeake.