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A Fashion Realization

Last week I earned a new nickname at work... Miss Frizzle. Then I realized, yep I am Miss Frizzle. I love patterns and animal prints, bright colored dresses, wearing my hair red, and coordinating my outfit to my activity, also of course being way too excited about things everyone else rolls their eyes to. But thank goodness I am not a teacher, haha!

How did this realization and nickname come to pass? With this outfit:

I have been eyeing these pencil shoes for over a year and they kept getting sold out so quickly... But now i have them!! Bwahaha! And of course I have to pair them with something else loud and obnoxious like this skirt I made with some scrap fabric

And last but not least... Dr. Who/Miss Frizzle fan art?1 WHAT?

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Tripp Tuesday | A Day in the Life of a Cali-pup

Since moving here I have surely started turning into a typical "Californian" (or maybe just a nor-cal stereotype?)... Having a different special diet, driving a hybrid, occasional use of the word "hella", complaining about not having snow or much rain, and starting to completely baby my pooch (sorry Cali-kids for teasing ;).

Tripp now has a fancier diet that includes an add water meal with dried meats and veggies once a week,  plus occasional rice porridge I make him along with his regular lamb/rice daily meal. He goes on puppy adventures three times a week with his pup-buds and my dogwalker. And I dress him up in sweaters, kerchiefs and scarves. Yep I started dressing him up, I'm sorry but it's so stinking cute!! Especially how much he hated his christmas antlers.

This past weekend he had quite a sunday, starting off at the beach, then chilling in a SF park, then cuddles at mike's house, and finally sleeping all snuggled in my bed. He was quite a rag doll at the end of the day. I hope it made up for him staying home while I sailed on Saturday.

In honor of Tripp Tuesday (which I haven't done in awhile), here are some instagram snaps of his sunday adventure... look at him sporting that scarf!

Follow Tripp and I on instagram! My name is "sparrow_urchin"

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Veronica Mars NERD!

Ok so I'm sure many of you guys already know this, I mean hell I already pledged money this weekend... But you guys. You guys. VERONICA MARS MOVIE!

UG, I'm so excited I could pee.

Who do you want to be the love interest? Better not be Piz!

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St Patty's Day

So this past weekend was St. Patty's Day! Yay!! It's seems though that I'm the only one along with my family that regularly celebrates St Patrick's Day. So invited some friends over for a St Pat's day Brunch on Sunday. Although many had to drop out last minute the few that came over had some yummy food and a chill time. So what did I make?!

First I borrowed my friend's crock pot and cooked up a corned beef. I got like 3lbs of meat, and first I put a layer of potato and carrots then topped that with meat, put a little mustard on top then topped that with red cabbage. I made a brown sugar sauce and poured that over with a Guinness. Cooked that for 10 hours on low. Then I made a gluten free applesauce cake using this recipe (http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2012/11/gluten-free-applesauce-cake.html), I changed it a bit adding some homemade almond and oat flour. I didn't get the crumb topping correct, but it was so tasty! The on Sunday morning I took the cook meat and potatoes and such and chopped it all up with some roasted butternut squash and sauteed them a bit together then put it all in three cast iron pans making little divits in the hash. Then I cracked an egg into each hole and baked the cast irons at 400 until the eggs set. I took some of the juices in the crockpot and made a sweet glaze for ontop of the hash if wanted.

I also made some Boxtys (irish potato pancakes), and green rice crispies. My roommate Laura made irish soda bread and whiskey butter, Mike made a white sangria, also a roomie made deviled eggs and we had irish coffee fixin's. So we all hung out in the back yard eating yummy food while the dogs played around... It was so nice and warm I even got a little sun burnt. Crazy!

And to round off this post some pics of Mike and I at some "irish" bar in North Beach. It's sad how good I look with a mustache.

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Adventures in Cannin'

So lately it seems that I am having the urge to become Laura Ingalls, I'm making skirts out of stripped floral cottons, I want to wear lace up booties and call my dad "Pa". And I've been trying to figure out what to do with the orange tree in the back yard. This orange tree is a Giant. It's two stories tall, covered in oranges and Tripp is the only one eating them... he's always snacking on a orange in the backyard. So I've been collecting recipes from cakes to infused vodkas... so why not try to can them?

Mike was such a doll to get me a started kit of supplies which originally were for flavored vodka's but decided before buying all that booze I should just try to can things i have for free, ie thousands of oranges using the waterbath canning method. So I collected a BIG bag of them, rinsed them quickly, and started chopping and peeling while watching a little TV. I ended up cutting them up instead of normal peeling them cause they were SOOOO ripe and juicy.

After boiling the glass jars, heating the lids and boiling the syrup (I didn't make an added sugar syrup I made a water/juice syrup, no added cals!), I began canning! The hardest thing I think I found was making sure there were no bubbles before closing the jars, I think I might've broken a bunch of the orange slices while trying to poke the bubble out. I fill the jars with the syrup to around 1/2" from the top, wiped the edge and put the lids on. Then gently dropped them into the boiling water for 10 minutes. This morning I checked them and they seem sealed, so here's to hoping I can open them up in a month or so and they aren't rotten! I got the recipe on how to can oranges from this website > http://www.pickyourown.org/canningcitrus.php. You can also get tons of recipes from the Ball Jar website and download a quick beginners guide to Waterbath canning > Check out their beginners guides here.

The only thing now is, what do I do with canned oranges? The oranges are the best tasting but make AMAZING juice and are great to cook with, so you guys have any suggestions? Overall the entire process was fairly easy, you just need big pot and patience for many pots of boiling liquids... and lots of burners on your stove :)

I'm sure I'll try some more stuff soon! Adam is growing cucumber so we will make pickles, and I really want to make pickled beets! And anything to do with oranges! Yum!
Everyone CAN AWAY!
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The Color Run CMYK Team!

On Saturday me and a few co-workers got together to do the Color Run 5K in San Francisco (If you haven't heard of the it check it out here > http://thecolorrun.com/)

Our team was aptly named CMYK since you know... we are graphic designers.

The race started out with everyone wearing white and we were given a packet of colored corn starch for the ending chute. Of course many people were getting antsy as we were waiting for our wave to start the 5K and throwing some in the air and at their friends. Soon enough around 10:30a we were off!

I ran with my iphone in the little waterproof pouch thinger I had bought my guy for the sailboat, so I was able to take pics without my phone getting messy! Yay! So every 1K was a color chute, you could run through the middle and not get too much color or go up to the people throwing the powder and get doused.

In the finish chute everyone went crazy throwing colors through the air creating rainbows! It was awesome, I at this point was by myself, everyone had ran off or walked off at their own rate, but I had so much fun throwing pink in strangers faces, on myself and in the air. Afterwards there was a concert and dancing and food trucks and rainbow people everywhere... It was awesome. The only question is on the color packets it states that the color corn starch is illegal in Utah... why everyone needs color!!

During the cleanup it was cool to see how the trees and bushes were all colorful! And it's cornstarch so it'll wash away! Robin and Stephan got the most colorful... as you can see as we walked back to the car!

And we got this sweet shirt, I like it!!! Last but not least here's the before and after of team CMYK! YAY! Go PureRED!