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Where I've Been: Point Reyes


Last week my buddy Mike's sister and friend were in town which gave me the opportunity to be annoying and beg to tag along on "touristy" travel. I haven't really gotten to be a tourist yet since I live with busy gals and I have not that much money. Of course it helped that I have a car and that allowed me to barter my way into their vacation... yep I'm that girl. So Tripp and I picked them up and headed towards Point Reyes National Seashore. The drive was a bit longer than we assumed and was filled with driving through small towns and winding around redwoods and cows. Finally we got to the shore and decided we had made it to Ireland. The hills were rolling and green, and the air was crisp and salty.


The weather wasn't the best but we got there before the rain. It was windy, but the light was diffused and everything looked so beautiful. You could even see the Farallon Islands. We stopped at the lighthouse, since Mike said it was the best view and looked over the edge at the waves crashing against the rocks. There was this weird gunky stuff in the water which I of course decided it was whale vomit. Of course, why would it be anything else? The light house was down on the point and has hundreds of stairs... the warning sign said it was the same amount of stairs as a 30 story building. Did that deter us? No! We are young, we can get back up in no time...


The lighthouse itself was so cute. And was loud. Well they had the fog horn going cause you know, fog. The Lighthouse was built in 1870 and it is the windiest place on the Pacific coast and the second foggiest in the North American continent. Which I guess we were really lucky since the fog wasn't around nor did we fly off the cliff... whew! The lighthouse mechanics, housing and glass prisms were built in France, and they were so beautiful. The lens in the lighthouse is a "first order" Fresnel lens, the largest size of Fresnel lens. Augustin Jean Fresnel of France revolutionized optics theories with his new lens design in 1823. I've never really seen a lighthouse like this, it was much different then the Great Lake lighthouses. Everything was cast iron, and I can't imagine how they built it... took a lot of ox I recon. It took years to complete but was situated at a great location on the California coast.

Reading on the NPS website the light in the 1906 earthquake the point actually moved 18ft north in less than a minute, yet there was little damage to the building... talk about well made. They don't make light houses like they used to!... well they just don't make lighthouses anymore. wah wah :(

Then we had to walk up that 30 story flight of stairs.... so much for being young and in shape. Luckily they have little walk outs with benches along the way. So we stopped with the little old ladies to catch our breath.


So that was the lighthouse. I think I need a sponsorship from the National Park Service... I sure visit them a lot. I've always wanted to be a Park Ranger.

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What I Wore: How to Dress

Of course living in a new place not knowing the weather patterns and people, or have a reason to dress or the fact I have a small wardrobe can make you feel like not dressing up. But this is how a dress on an average day and the steps I take to not wear my birthday suit and look at least presentable in case a charming fellow walks my way... me tripping in front of said man or having any conversation ruins it though.

First start with a pattern and solid. Works everytime. Cover your nude body accordingly, today the weather was mild so I exposed my pastey legs, not everyone does.


Second, pick out how you will carry your necessities. Purses and bags work well for me, but we are all different. Shoes are good if you plan on walking anywhere other that your house, just in case there is any broken glass or bum pee lurking on the street. Then if you are feeling fancy you try out something called a necklace and bracelet. Can't really explain them but they should be in the dictionary... look them up.


If the day is warm you can carry you jacket in case the weather turns. That's was this looks like.


Then when it gets chilly you can put on that jacket mentioned previously and you'll feel toasty. Genius I know.


And that's how I determine what to wear daily. I know I know, you had to take notes it can be tough. Hope you enjoyed this lesson, a wall in my room, and my crookedly hung paintings.

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To Occupy Oakland

On November 2nd, Occupy Oakland held a general strike which shut down the Port of Oakland. The world was watching and I walked among the masses.

Since I moved to Oakland there has been a lot of happenings with our Occupy movement. Already there was an intense relationship between the police here and the people of Oakland and rightfully so. But to watch the events unfold and the reaction of police to the protest is appalling. My roommates were there the night on october 25th when the police tear gassed Occupy Oakland. I watched from my window as the news helicopters were pushed from the sky before they unleashed on the crowd, so there was no news footage. I counted the cop cars rushing downtown and heard the city had the LRAD ready for use on the crowd. That night sent some to the hospital, including a vet, Scott Olsen, who suffered head trauma. Here I came from a city of no police, which needed help. Now I'm in a city were there are police and they don't care about their people.

On November 2nd in the evening I headed down to the port of Oakland to participate in the marches and show my support. I met so many amazing people and everyone was happy and wishful and downright nice. We marched from the plaza (where Occupy Oakland is located) and headed towards the port. On the way I passed police readying in riot gear with their trucks ready to arrest. At one point there was a crowd of people surrounding a car and parting the way for ambulances to come through and paramedics. A Mercedes had plowed into a group of people walking back from port, the driver had become agitated and pulled into the crowd hitting a man, and as it backed up hit a woman. But the part that made me proud to witness how the crowd surrounded the injured man, called for medics, and blocked the car and driver from getting away until police arrived. And they did not harm the car. So much worse could've happened but I stood there in the crowd and people were calm and they were not seeking revenge against the person who used their vehicle as a weapon.

At the port I met a barricade. I wasn't able to make it to the main port so with my new friends we headed back to the plaza. There was music, people were grilling hamburgers and veggie burgers and all sorts of stuff. There was a memorial with get well wishes to Scott Olsen, and all around pleasantries. And there was a ton of people, old, young, every type of man and woman stood around having a nice time. I hung around but knowing I had a walk home and had already walked for hours that night I left the plaza around 11pm walking past police gathering in riot gear down the street. Falling asleep at home I didn't have any idea what was happening. Later that evening it broke. Police and protesters clashed. The police filled their arrest quota and used more tear gas on the protesters then last time.

The next morning I was driving a friend downtown for an appointment and we saw the result of the last night in the light of the day. There was a window smashed and graffiti on some buildings. Although I don't agree with vandalism I don't think that those events should overshadow the point of Occupy. Yes shit happened and it got out of control, but not one side is to blame. And hell, it could've been worse. I remember worrying about my sister as Cincinnati rose up in riots, only to be controlled when the national government declared martial law. And I've lived seeing the results of the Detroit riots, which the city still hurts from it. This was not like those events, and I felt that the police presence was as though it was. They didn't allow or want it to be peaceful.

What is happening in our country now is the result of people being tired of over looked. My family and Dayton, OH has been greatly affected by the depression (that's right, I think it's worse than a recession although of course not as overwhelming as the Great Depression). And I witnessed the car industry falling in the motor city, Detroit. I've watch friends, and family members struggle to make ends meet, and throughout my last three years after graduation I have sent out over 1000 resumes/coverletters, and interviewed for jobs countless times, yet I have never had a full time job that offered any benefits or 401k and whatnot. I have been turned away from part time retail and fast food jobs. I have lived in the most economically depressed city in the country, watching the foreclosure signs go up daily and the street population rise.

There is something wrong. And something has to change. And I support Occupy.

You don't have to support it, I'm not asking for that. I just wanted to talk about a single day that I had participated in which was a positive great day/evening.
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What I Wore: All that Jazz


I'm not a writer. I don't feel like my wit and goofiness comes through these like black and white squiggles that makes wurds. But I do love sharing the experiences that I have with people and also use them to remember the fun I had. Last weekend I helped my boss put on a private concert featuring her partner Audrey's crazy talent. The gift of song. Man I wish when I sang I sounded like a purdy bird but all that comes out are squawks. Too bad. But this gave me the opportunity to wear a fancy dress, hang out in a beautiful mansion, and sway to jazzy music. Score.


I recently let Victoria of Justice Pirate borrow a bunch of dresses and I got them back in the snail mail the day before, best thing was is this beer tire sitting around my waist squeezed back into these tight numbers. Hurrah! Honestly I need get my waist under control. I love this dress, I got it last year for christmas from Sally Jane Vintage's etsy shop and I love it! It's from the 80's but cut like a 40's dress... I wuv it... Yep I said it again. Anyway I was running late and tried something with my hair. It turned out decent I guess, Oh well, but I call this hair style Hot Cross Buns... Yeah! I've been having too much fun with hair spray.

So in the beginning of the night I was the great and almighty gate keeper. It was fun to say who wasn't allowed and who was. I got to bounce party crashers left and right. Well not really, everyone was welcome! The concert was to raise money so that Audrey can record a cd, and the turn out was great. It was wonderful seeing people supporting someone they care about and the crowd was so pleasant. The day before my boss and I set up the entire house for the concert, it was great to see the musicians come in and watching the guest fill this beautiful house.


The music was soothing and wonderful, I swayed and swished to the music behind the crowd, ate fancy cheese and crackers, and sneaked around taking pictures. Audrey has a wonderful voice and her presence was perfect. She hit all the notes, made us giggle with anecdotes, and bobbed our heads to the jams by her bands. It was a great was to spend a Saturday night.

After the concert a few of us sped around rearranging the house to it's normal state. By the end of the night the house was back to it's original state, all the wine was drunk and cheese eaten, feet were tired, and ears were pleased. All in all awesome night, and I was happy to help with it.



{ dress - vintage, sally jane vintage }{ boots - urban outfitters }{ earrings - vintage }