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Today I took a couple of pics of Kevin for some movie headshots, since Michigan gave big tax breaks to the movie industry, they are here filming all the time and it looks fun to be extras! So headshots!

I still am working out all the images from LA, so there will be a post soon!

Isn't he a cutey?

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So I've been away for the past week because I was in sunny LA! I'm back now catching up on sleep after the red eye last night and uploading some pictures!! I can't wait to share!

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My Gallery pt.2

This is our new Traditional Room, which we needed since most of the artists we carry are contemporary.

Everything is organized by size and subject matter, ie: Floral, Seascapes, Cityscapes, Landscapes.... All oil paintings and they are standard sizes, which is great for our ready made frames that are displayed on the wall. You can choose a painting then pop it in the frame you want and shazam! Art!

I really like this photo, especially me standing in the back corner. 
Does this make me look like I'm full of myself? :)

Blouse - UO on sale!  |  Skirt - Target  |  Bracelet - F21  |  Shoes - Aldo (I seem to never take these off!)

Which style of art, Contemporary or Traditional?

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My Gallery pt.1

I'm going to start taking pictures in every single room of the gallery that I spend most all my time at. So you guys can get a feel for the place. I will also eventually do a write up on the entire Michigan Design Center.

And don't worry these pictures are either done early in the morning after I get to all the emails. I do actually work. :)

This is what I call the globe room, well because there is a huge globe in it.

Deer caught in headlights look haha!

Scotty dog blouse - F21  |  Skirt - UO  |  Sandals - Aldo

Where do you work?

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Illustration Family Reunion, Port Hope

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with my favorite people in the world, my CCS classmates.

We went up to my girl's cabin in Port Hope and camped outside and spent the days on the beaches. It was spectacular.

The Cast:

Jeff aka Ripshot
Leyland now known as Poksey
Josh aka the Dollarmenu
Kristina aka Scrappy
Handsome Dave
Ryan, visiting from his new home in Austin, TX
Chris aka ATM
Han Solo
Hansma aka PuffBun
and myself Moyer the Destroyer

I love them all so much.

Got to drive to the beach in the back of a truck, so old timey!

This looks like an ad

It was an amazing time, I can't wait til we do it again!!

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First time to go camping this year! I'm so excited, I'm spending the weekend near Port Huron with some of my favorite people and artists, all my buds from CCS!!! We are going to have so much fun, I've got three growlers of booze and plenty of stories to hear and tell.

I got the gif idea from The Clothes Horse.

So you're going backpacking, hiking, and/or camping? What to bring!?

Well obviously I'm packing light, we really aren't going on a crazy trip, more just hanging and drinking. But some important things and supplies you should have and bring.

1: A good backpack, mine is an REI Daypack Traverse 30, I think. It's great, it can fit a ton of stuff, has a camel back in it, and an awesome rain cover... What's even greater is that Tripp fits in the bag perfectly and it has clips in it to keep him safe and secure.
2: Shoes; Hiking Shoes, mine are Keen Targhee II, they are awesome, waterproof, comfy, and good support. Sandals, I have my Chaco Hiking Sandals, they are able to be fitted to your foot perfectly with their continuous strap system, and they have vibram soles to keep you from slipping. And lastly Mud Boots, mine are cute ones I got from Target years ago.
3: Snacks; bananas, cliff bars and fruit-bu are super portable.
4: Waterbottle; mine is a Stainless Steel Camelback bottle from Moosejaw.
5: Bathing suit; of course!
6: Extra clothes that are super comfy.

And of course not pictured: Tent and sleeping bag.

Happy Trails and have a Great Weekend!

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From Work to Play.

What I wore to work:

Black Lace Back Tank - UO (didn't get a good picture)  |  Yellow Tank - F21  |  Skirt - American Eagle  |  Navy Plaid Tights - Kohls  |  T-strap Heels - Target  |  Scarf - Vintage via my mom  |  Sweater - UO

Then I got home to run errands for my trip this weekend, which was mainly to get booze.

Tank - F21  |  Skirt - American Eagle  |  Earrings, Necklace, & Havaianas Flipflops - Brasil

So I got home tore off the tights and black tank, got into comfy sandals and waited for Kev to get home.

Went down to Motor City Brewery to get some growlers for the trip. They are so much more portable then bottles or cans... and refillable! I love growlers.

My outfit I realized was very Brasil inspired, got my Brasil earrings and flipflops and my necklace from Brasil. I guess I'm just showing my support, Go Brasil! And I must note the Havaianas trend in the US and how ridiculous it is. I just got an email from GiltGroup and they are selling Havaianas today... $24 for a 2-pack. When I lived there Havaianas were sold everywhere and super cheap, because you buy them if you are poor. It's so funny that just because the company in Brazilian that people are willing to pay a lot for them at Victorias Secret and Urban Outfitters. It's just funny when you have a notion on what a product is and see people go crazy for them just because they're foreign. Don't get me wrong I love all my pairs of Havaianas but I'm not going to buy them here, I'll just wait for my dad to go down there in the winter and bring me back some.

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Holly Jolly

This outfit is suitable for a Holiday party with my olive vest and red shoes (they sadly are fading because of all the rain). But I thought it would be lovely if I were in a landscape as beautiful as this painting, but I'm not, I'm at work. :)

Shirt & Vest - Don't know where from  |  Skirt - American Eagle 5 years ago 
Shoes - Lucky Penny via Anthropologie  |  Belt - F21

. boa noite e boa sorte
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Just Another Day

Yesterday I got to sleep in. Mondays are my me days. I go into work at noon and the mornings I get sprawl across our small full size bed (I need a queen size sooo bad, and one of those sleep number beds!!) The only bad thing is when you sleep too much and just want to stay in bed let alone pick out something to wear! So this outfit kinda came about haphazardly because I wanted to wear my new jacket. I wanted to wear something highwaisted but didn't want to wear my highwaisted skirts (they were too short for me in the morning feeling rolly) and I have my amazing High waist navy pants, but those are wool. All my other pants and shorts are normal waist to hip huggers, and I thought that would make my torso look waaay too long. So I grabbed this skirt. I need to find another wide belt to wear with some of my skirts. The one I have was too much with the jacket. So yeah A Very Blue Outfit came to birth as I struggled to find clothes. Enjoy.

Oh and about the jacket, I got it from Nordstrom Rack and it's BCBG Juniors line for $16.98!!! YAY! It's a little snug, which most jackets are around my big shoulders, but I love the stripes and is a stretchy material so it doesn't feel tight. I think it's fine if I leave it open.

Jacket - BCBG via Nordstrom Rack  |  Blue Shirt - ?  |  
Skirt - American Eagle long ago  |  Heels - Aldo

How do you solve fashion-block?

. boa noite e boa sorte.
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This Past Weekend & Next Two Weeks Plans.

Oh this weekend was marvelous. It started with hanging out with my best friend Leyland and preparing for him and his twin brothers party. We got a keg from Motor City Brewery Work and I got my own growler of their Cider... I love micro brew cider! Then we partied the night away celebrating the twin devitos birth into the world. Erik (Lee's twin) got Lee one of the best presents I've ever seen, a flask with "Wombmates" engraved into it above a engraving of two babies hugging (which their brother Tony drew). I loved it, and would like to think I have some credit cause whenever I talk to Erik I refer to Lee as his wombmate. It was great, here are some pics of the crazy night of us acting like we were 21 and at a frat party. haha

The rest of the weekend consisted of laying around the house cleaning a bit but mainly doing nothing. I bought some new hiking shoes for this upcoming weekend and a camelback for my hiking backpack, and a new bcbg jacket for $16 at nordstrom rack.

My plans for this week is to get all my clothes together for my weekend up north, which I will do some posting on how to dress for outdoors, be utilitarian yet still cute. And then I also have to figure out what I'm taking to LA with me next week. Oh it will be crazy?

What are necessities you take when traveling?

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What I Rode

This look was featured not only on Chictopia's Style Gallery but also their Twitter page! Thanks!!!

This morning I rode my bike again too work, So I had to really think about the outfit. I've been seeing a lot of girls do the whole skirt into dress thing, so I decided to try it. It was perfect for riding because it's long enough and the skirt material is super light weight so can knot it all around me while I ride so it doesn't get caught in the brakes or spokes and keeps it from flying into my face. I love this skirt, it's from the Renaissance Festival and goes with more period pieces, and now I have more ways to wear it, yay!

Skirt as Dress - Renaissance Fest  |  Belt - F21  |  Earrings - Target  |  
Necklace - Brasilian Market  |  Sandals - Aldo

I look very intense and tired.

And there is my bike, it's a Cannondale Birkenstock edition Mountain bike... I love it, but need to get different handle bars, I'd like street bike handles since I really don't mountain bike much, and need different gear shifters, I like the thumb shifters. This is my everyday bike, it's so lightweight and fast, and yellow! My mom won it probably 10 years ago at her work, and since I'm the only biker I inherited it. It's so beautiful, I love my Cannondale.

What do you ride? And what's your riding outfit?

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