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Life: Whoa Guys

Hey all you sometimes read this blog! I'm heading out on an incredible trip with my boy and I have lots of photos from the past few months to share! I have a craft project, a home improvement, hiking, and decorating our place. I really can't wait to show them all off... in the mean time here's my favorite picture that my friend took at Big Basin this past weekend! Dressed up in old lady khaki shorts glory! And I really love the meta picture :)

Love ya!
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Life: My Tech Job

One reason that I don't blog much, other than being lazy about sitting at my desk, is that I kinda get burnt out at my job. But it's the good burnt out. I absolutely love my job. I work as an interactive designer at the Weather Underground, the first weather website as well as the most concise bringing weather data from not only government sources but local do-it-yourselfers and self proclaimed meteorologists. It's amazing.

We have recently redone the entire site including the outdated '93 logo that was a nod to our namesake, the 60-70s radical left group. Everything was launched the 15th of April and since we're an agile company we're constantly working on it. My team was in charge of the City forecast page, plus the overall experience of the site minus our Wundermap and our social/community pages, ie the photo and blog community. I have learned so much about organizing a SUPER DATA HEAVY site... and I mean super heavy. There were pages that's code hadn't been touch since the early 2000's, which is like 50 internet years.

There's still so much more to do and design, and I'm so happy to be there with such amazing people some who I've become good friends with. It's an absolute blast. It amazing how much was put into this site, the design will continually become refined, but the backend things that were done is just, whoa. The end consumer doesn't really understand how involved this site is behind the curtains. Of course there was a lot of "If it aint broke..." stuff but the site was actually broken, or just being held together by small strings of code. Now the backend is more robust, but we're still working on it, and not just piece-mealing it together which in the long run builds a better product.

Also if you ever watch Silicon Valley on HBO... it's crazy how spot on some of the absurdness of the startup/tech industry is...  

Now if only I found the time... no energy... no ambition... to actually make this blog look presentable. I mean really the kerning in the title font. Absurd.

Now go check out the site, http://www.wunderground.com/, and download our apps!! They're awesome!