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life in instagram | pt 1

So starting out of course you all know my proud pooch Tripp, he's still hanging around just a little rounder. 
At my job at minted many lunches were spent in the park. 
Sunset at the Berkeley Pier. 
Hiking in the Oakland Redwoods City Park. 
Old coworker Lizzy's bday in Golden Gate park. 
My boys sailing and looking manly. 
At the motorcycle races with the boys. 
And Marlee and Zoe waiting for food at homeroom, an awesome mac and cheese joint. 

Here's the first installment of what I've been up to in instagram format, you can follow my adventures, or lack there of, my name is sparrow_urchin.
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So, how many months has it been? Far too many. I've missed my little corner of the blog world. But a lot has happened this year, it's no wonder that the blog has slid away a bit. It's now been a year (in September) since I made the move out to the San Francisco Bay Area... and it's had it's ups and downs.

Since last we spoke I was working at the online stationary retailer, Minted. And I loved that job, it wasn't creative but used my skills and the people I worked with were amazing.

But in February I got a new opportunity to work for an ad agency. Pure Red Creative is great, and I get to work on a team for a national client/retailer which is amazing for my career as a designer (I was hired as a mid-level, yay!), but with great things you have to give up some stuff. The office is in Pleasanton which is in the valley (on the other side of the hills/mountains from Oakland, and a kinda suburb industrial park area). So sadly I'm a bit further from my dream city, San Francisco. Which is fine, I make it across the bay when I can, and I do love living in Oakland as well. My job I've had the opportunity to do a lot of concepting and illustrating, even one of my designs will be plastered all around San Francisco soon, I'll show it once printed and posted!

There's been another big change in my daily life, my car, my beautiful Lumi that drove me, Lee and tripp all the way out here has died. It's a sad sad time. So now that you know I work all the way on the other side of the hills, how do I get to work? I bike, then get on the train, make a transfer, tet off at the end of the line, then bike... Totaling 1 - 1.25 hour each way. It sucks. But on the bright side my thigh muscles may start hulking out of my pants and I've been getting some much needed blog reading done! The commute itself doesn't bother me much, but it sucks not being able to go and explore the surrounding areas like I want to, and it just makes everything take soooo much longer. It's hard for me to go out on weeknights cause I come home and walk Tripp then I'm too tired to get back on my bike and head out. Tripp has been having a lot of rides in my backpack, and he's become a little piggy so his extra weight is giving me more of a workout! I'm looking in a few months buying a new car because driving to work only takes 30 minutes each way driving but is 36 miles each way, I definitely need a newer car having a 70+ mile daily commute.

What else... I still live in the house full of interesting awesome people that I moved into a year ago, but I know in the next year I'm going to work towards finding a smaller living situation that's a bit more settled for the pooch and start making roots here. And then DECORATE! Yay!

I have a couple posted queued up with instagram shots (follow me sparrow_urchin), photos of my recent adventures and when my family visited, and I'm working on a whole new website. I don't think this will remain a "Here's my outfit" type blog, but I'm integrating my art, design, and likes together in their own little world, everything linked together and branded as one. No longer will I have a separate art and lifestyle blog and portfolio site, I'm going to have them all wrapped together. I also have a pinterest that I use ALL the time (http://pinterest.com/moyerdestroyer/)

So bear with me! Things will be changing but I'll update this blog until everything is ready!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I'm going to Michigan in the end of September for Sara's wedding! (http://chubbylumpkin.blogspot.com/). I'm so excited to see family and friends and take lots of pictures!!!

photo by Kathryn Taylor