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Man oh Man } Weekend 3.4-3.6

Well I accidentally deleted my outfit from friday, which was outfit 23... So I don't know if I'll just recreate it and snap a shot... grumble. I'm bad at getting shots of the weekend lately. But this weekend I did go to my flatmate's art show. So yeah I wore my remixed clothes and this is now outfit 23...

Jen is one of the most incredible artists I know. I don't even know how to describe her work. It's angelic but also demonic, natural yet unnatural. I don't know. Here are some pictures, you can decide for yourselves.

This is from Jen's Facebook page (picture not mine)

Check out this newspaper article featuring Jen (and photo by me!) here, and make sure to become a fan of her artwork on facebook!

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Green Shirt } Don't know where from, (worn day
Corduoroy Blazer } Vintage (worn day
Jeans } UO, on sale (worn day
Booties } UO, on sale (worn day
Necklace & Pin } Vintage
Blue Necklace } F21

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Doggy Daycare

So I'm bit behind on days... Oh well. That's what scheduling posts is for! So this little slice of life has nothing to with this outfit but I'd love your opinion.

When kevin and I are at work our dog stays at home, which I know isn't the best, when we first got him I worked part time and opposite of Kevin, so I had lot's of pup time. And with winter and Tripp being so small and skinny he isn't in the yard as much or going on long walks. So last Sunday Kevin and I had a lot of wedding errands to run (got him a suit from Banana Republic, it's gorg, and did more registry stuff) So we felt bad for leaving the dog at home. So what did we do? Took him to doggy day care at Petsmart near the mall. I know I know, kinda lame. But he was so worn out when we picked him up at the end of the day and the workers said he played with a lot of dogs. They even give you a report card on how well your dog did that day. Tripp was sooo tuckered out that he fell asleep in the car, and we were able to get a lot done around the house the rest of the evening.

Now onto Friday. I knew that Kevin and I were going to go to an art opening in Romeo Friday night so I thought while I was at work I'd drop him back off at Petsmart (which is really near my job). I just didn't like leaving my dog alone all day then also in the evening, not to mention that he would be a total pain when we got home.

So my question is am I ridiculous? I mean the day care thing isn't too expensive for something once in awhile. But I also don't want to be one of those people who replace children with dogs. I'm my dog's owner, caregiver and companion, I'm not his mother, my parents aren't his grandparents. We are companions, friends, and I love and care for him. Kevin feels like we are being responsible pet owners, understanding that it's wrong to leave a social animal alone all day, and also realizing that interaction is necessary in our dog's life and something we strive for. I've always been very conscious about treating animals fairly and as part of the family. My parents kinda chuckled when I told them about his day care experience, and told me I was a little ridic. My mom laughed saying I need to start dressing my dog, of course jokingly, she secretly wants my dog. I grew up with dogs but they never got as much special treatment as my own dog. But then again they were never alone for long hours.

Anyway what do you think? Ridiculous or Responsible?

And for all my new readers, first welcome, and this is my dog... cute! He obviously didn't want to leave his pup tent :D

Now for the outfit... I flubbed on the 30x30... I can't find this cardigan, so I replaced it with another grey cardigan... Please don't hate! :)

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Grey Sweater } Gift (similar worn day 1)
Green Sweater Vest } very old (worn day 8)
Mint Dress } Vintage (worn day 4, 14)
Grey Booties } UO, on sale (worn day 1, 7,  14, 16)
Pink Belt } Vintage (will prob sell)
Tights } Kohls (super old and holey)
Necklace } F21

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Blogger Brunch!


This is a bit late but that's ok. Here's a 30x30 outfit I wore on Saturday for the blogger brunch in Grand Rapids.


So as you can see I wore my skirt twice in a row, and since it was cold I tried out wearing my baggy sweater with it... Didn't really look great but it kept me warm!! So yay!


Anyway here's some of the pretty outfits the girls wore, and to hear about the whole meetup check out my previous post!

All pictures were taken by the lovely Tieka from Selective Potential who organized the event, thanks girlie!!

Oh and here's our awesome group shot from Friday night that Andrea got!

Thanks girls I had so much fun!

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Brown Sweater } UO, on sale (worn day 3)
Red Floral Skirt } Made by me (worn day 18)
Brown Boots } Vintage (worn day 2, 3, 11, 17, 18)
Scarf } Found
Beret } Vintage, was my mom's
Tights } Kohls

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Girl Gots the Blues

So sadly the first picture was the last one before my camera battery died... Kevin has a really good ability of sucking batteries dry, I don't get it. I hand him the camera and the battery dies... Odd. Anyway the other two are with my iPhone, sorry about the quality. These pictures actually were from the day before yesterday... Oh no my numbering is getting off! And I still haven't loaded the pictures from Day 19... I'm awful ha!

As you can see I've kinda revamped my layout. I still will be tweeking it but I'd love to hear what you think.

Anywho, we were busy today at work. Sweet tits.

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Green Blouse } Vintage (worn day 9)
Plum Sweater } Gap, years old (worn day 4, 13, & 17)
Jeans } UO, on sale (worn day 3, 9, 15)
Riding Boots } Frye (worn day 5, 8)
Blue Jacket } Modcloth, on sale and first purchase!
Necklace } F21
Beret } Target
Korgi dog } Petfinder

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Where is the Spring

Do you remember when it was warm... This sad girl does. All she can do is look at summer pictures and draw some inspiration from them.

This was from when I visited family on Tatooine, it was really hot, but what can you expect it's all desert.

This picture is really heavy hanging on my head.

{ 30x30 Materials Used }

Print Blouse } Vintage, my grandma's (worn day 10)
Corduroy Blazer } Vintage (worn day 2, 10)
Beige Dress } Vintage (worn day 7, 13)
Black Boots } Enzo, my mom's (worn day 4)
Tights } UO
Necklace } F21
Belt } Taken from my mom

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MI Blogger Meetup

Well you might've seen a lot of this on other blogs, but I guess it's my turn! All the pictures are from the other girls that attended because I was lazy and didn't bring a camera, bad girl!

Photo c/o Andrea

Photos c/o Sara

On Friday I got out of work early to go pick up Cat and Sara to go to Grand Rapids! I've never been to Grand Rapids (in my own memory) so I was super excited! It took a bit to find parking, it's always confusing in a new city, but then we were off and at St. Cecilia Music House for the Aqualush Fashion Show featuring Kendall student work. The band though that is Alexis was really the standout of the night. They were spectacular!

Photo c/o Andrea

Photos c/o Sara

For the show I decided to wear my super heels with just a plain black skirt and a girl scout blouse, the icing of the outfit was this awesome band jacket I got from Rogue Retro on Etsy. I love it! Brings me back to good ole' highschool band. Of course my hair was done in the wrap braid from saturday's (fridays outfit) post. Anyway I wore lots of layers for fear of the cold, but I was super toasty!

Photos c/o Sara

Afterwards we went to the BOB (building of bars) in downtown Grand Rapids where we hung out at one lounge bar and shared stories and got our goodie bags supplied by Tieka. We got some awesome stuff, of course the funniest thing was the lingerie set that was a surprise, haha!

Photos c/o Tieka

Anyway after a few drinks and appetizers we headed upstairs to a club and danced the night away. I know we were the odd ones out with our outfits compared to the normal club garb, but we didn't care. We just wanted to dance!!

bloggermeetup 031
bloggermeetup 036
Photos c/o Sara

The next day we went out for breakfast at a little Coney diner and after we all met up downtown again for a alittle shopping. I didn't get anything but Cat and Kate made off with some sweet pieces. Then of course we had to take some outfit shots, which I'll share later.

bloggermeetup 034
bloggermeetup 044
Photos c/o Sara

It was an awesome mini vacation and I'm so happy that Cat, Sara and I went together, we had so much fun driving to the other side of the mitten but we forgot to jump on the beds!!! Oh NO! haha.

So total there were 12 sweet ladies who went, and they all were so adorable and great! I can't wait to see everyone again!

Alex of Brunette Curls and Discount Pearls
Andrea of Blonde Beadhead
Anna of Sparkplug Minuet
Cat of Midwest Mayhem
Elizabeth of
Almost You
Heather of Simply Sunstar
Kate of With a Heart Full of Daisies
Samantha of BeYOUty Queen
Sara of She is Sara
Tieka of Selective Potential

Thanks so much Tieka for organizing this!

{ Friday Night Outfit }

Band Jacket } Vintage, Rogue Retro
Blouse } Vintage, Girl Scouts
Skirt } UO, on sale
Tights } Target
Heels } UO, on sale