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Winter Wonderland

I am tired of winter... which makes it upsetting to hear we are supposed to get 15" on wednesday along with snow on tuesday and what we already have. Schools have already closed, I'm set for having the day off, and Kevin is planning to work from home. One part of me hopes for more than 15" but then I remember that if the power goes out we have no heat... And we live in a neighborhood that loses power a lot and doesn't have enough importance to be on the top of the electric companies repair list. So there's the dilemma, my child voice wants crazy snow, but then my adult voice cuts in with all the things that could go wrong. Why do we have to loose our sense of naivety just to be overloaded with the worry of what ifs?

{ Materials Used }

Sweater } Gap Outlet, 6 years ago
Scarf } Found
Shorts } American Apparel, bought with Groupon
Tights } Anthropologie, gift from Kev
Boots } Vintage, discovered in mom's basement
Wood Skis } Vintage, salvaged by Kev's g-pa

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Work Work

This past week I've been super busy. We had Sample sale and I was sick :( So there's the reason for lack of photos, and honestly I haven't really been wanting to take pictures. So yeah... Life goes on. Here is another look at what I do at work.

make gif

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Dauphine de France

It's a funny thing how all of a sudden Marie Antoinette is on everyone's mind and everyone's blog. Even today I received an email from Urban Outfitters on how to get the late Queen's look. Which I find amusing. I've been obsessed with the Austrian since I was little and very obsessed with the female portraiture artist, Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, who captured the Queen's image through the years. I've always loved the Neoclassic/Rococo style of painting (along with history of costume, but that's another story), and I have derived my own painting style from that and the classic styles Neoclassicism is based on. Namely the long neck and long fingers reminiscent of the classic painter, Parmigianino. 

So enough with the art history lesson, the reason why I brought this up is a dressed as Marie a few years ago... man like 5 years ago? And I wanted to share with you my look.

The dress my mom made for the US Bicentennial in 1976 and if you want to split hairs I know it's US Colonial and not French... but hey I had it! :)

See my hair? That's all my own. No wig here. So here's the question, do you want to know how to fashion your hair like Dauphine? Do you do you? It's quite easy, sturdy, and fun!

Well I will give a tutorial if you guys want!

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Long Time No See

Eh it's busy busy busy here at the Gallery and the Michigan Design Center, we have Sample Sale going on. And in honor of sale I made an outfit under $50 (also in honor of Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk). So here it is.

{ Materials Used }

Collar } Vintage Fur
Sweater } Vintage, my mothers
Dress } Vintage Anne Fogarty (will be selling cause it's too big)
Belt } Vintage, my mothers
Tights } Kohls
Booties } UO, on sale

The dress I found over the summer at an estate sale, it's a beautiful Ann Fogarty day dress with full pleated skirt... Absolutely lovely. But it is a little big on me in the chest (no bewbs here!). Cat from Midwest Mayhem borrowed the dress for her birthday dinner and she looked amazing in it!

Anyway that's it, just a quickie!!! Haha! I'm excited to also say not only do I have my wedding dress but I think I'm almost done with my bridesmaids, then I'm meeting an artist who up-cycles vintage suits to get our groomsmen looking dapper!

Oh and thanks to Groupon I also got my hair did yesterday at a fancy salon! I got some highlights to match my ends. I hate that my roots grow in dark blond and the ends bleach out to light blond... And I hate paying for my hair cause it takes the stylist forever cause my hair is super super thick. But she thinned it out and texturized it, it's so soft and pretty. Took over two hours!! haha! I also bought this sea salt spray stuff to maybe give my hair some texture... Oh my hair. I do nothing with it. This is the first time I went to a salon in over 2 years, and it was three years ago when I got some highlights to match my ends. But I am happy my hair has grown out quite a bit since last year, it was at my shoulders this time last year!

And sorry for my terrible ability to write. I'm brain dead and will continue to be for the week.

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I got my dress! AH I'm so excited, I want to pet it and hug it and wear it. But sadly it's safe and sound at Kevin's parents house where the dog and boy can't get to it. The dress even has a name!!! AH!

Oh and since when did The Limited get bridal? http://www.thelimited.com/bridal
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Mimicking the Masters } Are Bowties Cool?

Why yes they are. And you know who is the purveyor of that coolness? Meg.

So I've been lame with taking pictures of myself I know... but to get me back in the swing of things I thought I'd dress like my blog friends and/or real friends. So here's my best Meg!

Comfy crop sweater... Check!
Cutesy scarf hood... Check!

Sweet necklace... Check!
Skirt... Check!

Boots (even though she doesn't show them much)... Check!

And now silly face.... Check! Oh I'm sorry that's more scary.

So what do you think? Did I do my best Meg? And sorry I look mopey and tired, this was at night after a retirement party... that kevin and I were late too :( stupid snow! The dog was not amused.

{ Materials Used }

  Scarf } UO, on sale
  Sweater } UO, on sale
  Necklace } F21, old
  Skirt } Vintage
  Tights } Kohls
  Boots } Vintage

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Events of the Weekend } 1.14~1.16

So I know I know... Been lazy with outfit posts I know. I haven't had a camera really to use. But that's no excuse. :) So this past weekend ended up being super fun too! This year has started out awesome.

Friday... friday... It was my friend Hilary's birthday! I hadn't seen her since mine and Kevin's trip to NYC on Halloween. She came over and we all hung out in the upstairs flat, my bestie Jen's place. We had nachos and wine, then later had carrot cake made by me! I love baking. I took just a carrot cake mix I had and instead of oil used applesauce of course, and then instead of water Kevin and I juiced some carrots we had and used he juice. Then to give the cake more texture I added the leftover pulp from juicing. After that we put more applesauce between the cake layers and finished it with cream cheese frosting on the outside. It was good, not too sweet. We spent the rest of he night playing GTA 4, it's kinda scary but impressive how life like the animation of the character were... and the crashes and explosions.

Saturday started out with family breakfast in mine and Kevin's flat (the down stairs flat). Jen, her hubby Matt, Hilary, Kevin and I all sat down and feasted on eggs, bacon, and toast. I have to say it was pretty cute.

Later Kevin, Lee and I met up with Sara and gang at Campus Martius in Detroit to go ice skating. It was somewhat fun... I liked watching everyone else but am totally afraid of ice skating. I'm not from a big hockey place like michigan is... so ice skating and myself have only mixed a couple times. I did however soon get the hang of it to a degree and was able to skate around without holding a hand, but it was so scary cause everyone was whipping around me. I'd rather be roller skating I have to say. Oh and Kevin was no help in hand holding cause he was the one that pulled me down when he fell!

photos from Sara

After the skating we walking to Brick Town to Jacoby's but they were full so we made our way to Greek Town. Ended up being super busy because of the International Auto Show and there was a Kid Rock concert too (he's from here, and is very supportive of the city, so he's seen as a Detroit god) So can imagine the amounts of people. We ended up getting to Niki's before the rush and settled down to some amazing saganaki (flaming cheese), salad, and pizza. Opa!

Afterwards we bid our farewells to the Sara Gang, and Lee, Kev and I went to our friend Matt, Maureen, and Lee's art studio in Hamtramck. We chilled out there for awhile chatting and watching Matt and Maureen screenprint.

Later we all joined back together at Matt, Maureen, and Lee's house to watch the 5th Element on blu-ray. The night got a little crazy with Matt and Lee drinking Bacardi 151, and ended with use trying chat roulette... Haha, it was kinda sad. And kinda funny. None of us had ever tried it before so what better time to do so when you are a little intoxicated and with a group of friends. Most of the people seemed lame, but there were some cool groups of people we talked to all over the world. We spent most of our time talking to a group in Missouri (I think). It was funny... One thing is most everyone on chat roulette were under the age of 20 so we were being a little creepy because of our age... haha! We were asked for advice though! I hope the girl who had a crush took our advice to just go for it, because in the end it doesn't matter if he says no... hahah! I felt so wise.

Sunday all Kevin and I did was work on the artwork for our invitations, save the dates, etc... Did you know I have amazing penmanship and calligraphy? I may try to do more wedding invites!

Anyway. It's now the weekdays and work, puppy, and snuggling consumes my life.

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Long Lost Drawing

Well not that long lost... This is from December... Lookie what I wore!

And now the real image...

Any who... Hope everything is good on your side of the monitor.

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Have Fun Friday

The picture sum up of the first two weekends of 2011... hahaha

Wonder how this weekend will be?

Have a Great Weekend!!!
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Meetings, meetings

So nothing much going on here. Just been busy at work. I wore this to a meeting I had with a defense engineering firm that needs art in their newly redesigned offices... And man this is going to be a HUGE job. I'm quite excited. The funny thing is when my boss and I were given a tour, we'd walk into these huge rooms full of engineers. Engineers can sense when a girl is in the room and when we walked in their senses went off and they all popped their heads up from their computers like little prairie dogs. I've know a lot of engineers in my life, and I have to say they are collectively an awkward bunch. haha It was like "Girl? Girl? What?" across their faces. Granted I did see two girls out of the 100+ engineers... But it was mainly all awkward men.

Anyway, this is the purse I got with my Kohls gift card. I feel like such an adult with it!  I felt very proper in this outfit, kinda like a young victorian girl or something with the little booties. Anyway I think that shopping spree last week with gift cards, and the one online yesterday with my remaining gift cards will be the end of me buying clothes for a bit.

I'm also opening up a shop to sell some vintage I no longer want or doesn't fit me. Sara and Cat may contribute as well... So be on the look out!

{ Materials Used }

Sweater } UO, on sale
Blouse } UO, on sale
Skirt } Anthro, on sale
Tights } HUE, via Kohls
Boots } UO, on sale
Purse } Kohls, on sale

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The Bike Song - Mark Ronson

Been kinda obsessed with this song as well as the whole album. Really should look up the lyrics... I need this to be my motto. At least when the snow melts.

"...I’m gonna ride my bike until I get home.

I can’t understand it, but I can’t really stand them
Girls love cars, cars cause harm to the planet
Don’t you wanna take a joyride on my tandem.
Huffy on a Huffy, don’t I look so handsome.
Bikes suffice they’re so nice like priceless
Working on my calves to triceps to biceps
Bypass the gas, stop the traffic lights
I get around round without a drivers license

Hello, you walking? Farewell. I’m off then
And I whip it through the city with a 40 and a 50
Party popping on my wheelie..."

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1-11-11 } Resolutions and past year

So I'm not big on resolutions, but here are some goals I want to pursue in 2011.

1. Wear pants again } Well this may be weird since most girls are saying the opposite. I want to find a happy medium. One good thing about pants is that they keep me in check. I gain weight in my butt and thighs and don't notice it when I'm wearing skirts all the time. Case in point, I couldn't fit into some of my pants last week from the summer. That is a no no. I need to keep this ass in check (sorry for cussing)

2. Be More Nerdy } I'm a nerd, and I need to show it more, as simple as that.

3. Don't be Afraid } I wanted to dress up and go to the museum and take pictures, and that's exactly what we did, I didn't care about all the looks.

4. Carry My Dog Around } I don't care if I look crazy, but it's fun to put my dog in my backpack and walk or ride my bike around.

5. Climb More } I need to get better at climbing trees.

6. Explore More } I know most of Detroit, now it's time for me to go out and explore the D's surroundings.

7. Fight Ninjas } Evil ones that is. This should be everyone's goal.

8. Get the Nova Running } It needs more power than I can provide.

9. Go on Daily Walks } I need to show my dog off more around town, haha.

10. Go to the Lakes More } Even though I'm not a big fan of Michigan, I should be going to it's beaches more often.

11. Hang Outside } Did this a bit over the summer, but it needs to be done more. My goal is to walk around playing banjo... Or hide on my porch and when people pass start playing dueling banjos... creeper style.

12. Hang with the Fam } My sister's, parents, and I are all very close, but I really need to hang with my cousins more, cause they are cool cats.

13. See Friends in 3-D } I need to spend real time with my friends, no more facebook friendships. More phone calls, and outings.

14. Spend time with Immediate Family } This is how cool my family is.

15. Take the Robot Out More } He gets pretty lonely, and even though his personality is kinda cold, we need to let Gog out of the basement more.

16. Jump on Beds } Simple as that.

17. Laugh More } It's the healthiest thing.

18. Joga Capoeira } Preciso fazer isso... e prática Português também.

19. Play Frisbee } And other outdoor fun activities.

20. Ride my Bike & Run } As soon as it get's to 50 I need to ride my bike everyday, and as long as it's colder, I need to ride it indoors on our trainer. I did one 5K last year and meant to do more... but the year slipped by. So I need to do more.

21. Save Money & Learn to Thrift } Put that dough in the bank. I'm pretty happy with the size of my savings, but I'd like a little more cushion. Also I'm not good at thrifting anymore. It's all I did in Highschool but I still don't know where to go here. And it'll help me save money.

 22. Go to Concerts } This used to be an every weekend occurance, not so much anymore. That needs to change.

23. Paint } Simple as that. I need to take back my art.

24. Exit on the Slide } If weather is permitting, I must only exit my porch on the slide.

25. Leave More Notes } I whined to Kevin the other day that we don't text sweet nothings to each other anymore. I'm sure mostly because we talk all the time and live together. But I'd like to do this more. I miss having my old cellphone where I kept all my favorite texts. Years of switching phones and breaking them lost them to the abyss. I still remember a few, one of my favorites is one I got while I was on a bus to Ottawa "You are the Moons over My Hammy."

There you go 25 goals, just like my age.

Oh and look how clever I am, I posted this at 1:11p, Ones all over the place.