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One Pug, Two Pug

Lucy & Lily

The cutest little black pugs Lucy and Lily!
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Maya & Emerson

Maya 1

I've been a busy busy bee with so many pet portraits this year! Unfortunately my scanner broke :( So I'm trying to photograph more of the drawings. This is Maya, a rescued Great Dane! This was a gift so it was requested to be wrapped with a Happy Birthday card, nothing says Happy Birthday like Tripp barking it out!

Maya 2
Maya 3

The second drawing is of a cutey named Emerson, I hope her portrait makes a wonderful Christmas present!!

If you are interested, order your pet portrait here and use "FREESHIP" for free shipping on domestic orders!

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Life in Instagram | Pt. 5 - Back Home

Luckily I had the opportunity to go home in September and bring my fella along. I hadn't been home in over a year and it was bitter sweet. I was so excited to see friends and be a bridesmaid in Sara's wedding. I had an amazing time visiting family in Ohio, then showing off all my ole stomping grounds in Detroit. I'll have to put a full post up with "real" pictures and not just instagram pics.

Somewhere over Nebraska
Two Mikes on a porch
Bowling with Matt, Maureen and Mike
Father/Daughter dance
My Bridesmaid hair
Pics of pics
Cobblestone farms

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Halloween Apollo Series

WHOA, super late post. But I HAD to post my halloween costume. This year I finally dressed up as something I have wanted to for years. My initials are L.E.M. and the nerd that I am the LEM is also the Lunar Excursion Module. So obviously I had to dress up as that. It's so clear. I started the week before Halloween building my "helmet" and the day before building my moon body. And of course a certain boy didn't have a costume so he inquired "Can I be the Command Module?". Of course we ended up having the best costumes at my friend Jim's party and got a lot of "docking" jokes. Not to mention the Bart ride there in a packed train car with somewhat still wet paint on our costumes was very interesting, especially when the train jolted and I fell into Mike's costume and all the passengers had to pick me up as if I were a turtle stuck on it's back flailing around.

And when I wore my costume to work, I am proud to say I won most creative costume, everyone loved the details like Neil Armstrong on my should with the US flag, and of course the back side of me was just black for the dark side. I still have my moon, I'm thinking about hanging it on my ceiling, and my excursion module is safe on my desk at work.

Oh and sorry the scale of the two modules is a bit off :)
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I want to go to there

wanderer above the hoodoos

I recently discovered this photographer, Heinrick Oldhauser, who lives in Oregon. His photos really make me want to dive into the spaces created and feelings they invoke. Like a glimpse back into the dust bowl his images invoke the spirit of the farmer, or wanderer. For me growing up near farming towns in Southern Ohio, I had a dream of what it would be like to live on a farm. Although I know this fantasy is no where near the reality of farm life, especially early century farm life, I still fantasize about being Laura Ingalls, and these photos are a snapshot of what I think it would be like. Muted tones of cotton clothing on the golden fields with the wind blowing in your hair.

the drifter
go down into the cellar and see what you can find
the wheat harvest
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Life in Instagram | Pt. 4

Sorry for the delays as always. Here's a life update.
An Oakland A's game with the guys
Dinner after moving Marlee's things :(
Boys making music
Vintage dress for sale
Ima ginger
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Family Visit pt 2

Sorry for the delay in posting! But you know life is life. Anyway here are the rest of the very few pictures I took when my family visited. Of course we rented a car and made our way to John Muir woods, which I hadn't been to, and it was magical! I absolutely love redwoods, I think this is on eof my favorite things about California so far, the woods are like stepping back into time. It was also the first time I got to drive across the Golden Gate bridge. Earlier this year I had a walk across date on the bridge, but driving across is much different. On the way back we of course had to stop and take pictures. Times like this, looking down on San Francisco makes me really excited and re-energized about living here, especially when I don't often get into the city.

On our way back to the hotel and the East Bay we drove along the coast and stopped by Sutro Baths and Ocean Beach. I wish I was able to see the baths when they were first built, the images look amazing. But it's neat to have Romanesque ruins along the coast.

After the beach we went to Trader Vic's in Emeryville for dinner and cocktails. This place is awesome and a staple of the bay area mainly since it was the first Tiki bar started by some servicemen after the second world war, and started the tiki bar craze.

Flash forward a couple days, one of the last evenings we all met at The Top of the Mark, another famous place in San Francisco. It's the bar/resturant at the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel and was known as the place to meet up and dance and drink for sailors before they were shipped out during WWII. It was great, my friends met up with my family there, and a very special friend happened to be in town from Brazil as well. My friend Guilherme, who I've known since highschool when I lived in Brazil, just happened to be SF for an astrology conference and he was able to meet up with us that night and another time before. My family hadn't seen him in years (he also did an exchange in the US and lived with my dad, so he's like a part of our family), and I hadn't seen him since college. My friend Marlee who I've known since junior high and been living with also came out, another familiar face to my family that they hadn't seen in a long time. It was great having my family, past friends and current friends all at on table sharing laughs and drinks.

Of course this group shot doesn't really show everyone, but I think it is a good example of the fun night we all had. My family being here was so rewarding and it was amazing sharing a glimpse of my new life here with them.
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 In July I had the excitement of some of my family visiting me out here in California. I hadn't seen anyone other than my father in almost a year, and to make it sweeter it was my mom's first time to California and my nephew's first airplane ride! I was so enthused to have my mother, step-father, sister and nephew out here to show them a bit of how I've been living. Of course the week or two before is when my stupid car finally gave up on life, so I had to teach them all about the wonderful thing we call out here public transportation. I mean we have "public transport" in the midwest, but is it efficient? No. They were amazed by all the modes of getting around, so much so we all almost thought we were in Europe! No... I lie, my family isn't that dumb, but honestly Dayton, Ohio doesn't know what good bus schedules are, and the family of car sale people and GM employees scoff at buses. Again, I lie.

Anyway, the visit was filled with hugs, tears, laughs, giggles, tickles, gossip, and terrible faces. My mom was able to meet the group of boys I rabble rouse around town with... Not sure if that was a good thing or not, I really need to make some girlfriends.

The trip started out with time around fisherman's wharf and walking around the city. Day two started at Civic Center then to the painted ladies, a quick lunch, then time in the Castro, ending in the Mission at Dolores park and shopping. So hip, it's awesome. On Tuesday my step-father rented a car and went to golf, so we went to the Legion of Honor for lunch then got picked up and drove across the Golden Gate (first time driving across for me, yeah I'm real lame) and went hiking in John Muir Woods... which were magical! Then we drove back stopped for some photo-ops at Sutro Baths and Ocean beach and ended with dinner and drinks at Trader Vics! Then I went back to work for the rest of the week (as a salaried employee, whomp whomp!) and the family continued to have tons of adventures. On Thursday night we all met at Top of the Mark for farewell drinks.

It was a gloriously wonderful time, albeit stressful as hell. I loved having them here but trying to entertain three generations with car stress was about to make my head explode... of course for family I welcome that.

I'll continue the photos in the next post!

Love ya!
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life in instagram | pt 3

John Muir Redwoods hike with my sister and nephew.
Bonfire on Ocean Beach.
Tubing on the Russian River.
Bikes, sunset and the bay.
Washington Square Park.
Beachy times.
Morning Commute.
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life in instagram | pt 2

Photoshoot with my friend Kathryn.
Waiting for dinner reservations on the sailboat.
Tripp sailing.
Mike up the mast.
Dolores Park in the Mission.
Drawing at work.
A random outfit.
Legion of Honor.
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life in instagram | pt 1

So starting out of course you all know my proud pooch Tripp, he's still hanging around just a little rounder. 
At my job at minted many lunches were spent in the park. 
Sunset at the Berkeley Pier. 
Hiking in the Oakland Redwoods City Park. 
Old coworker Lizzy's bday in Golden Gate park. 
My boys sailing and looking manly. 
At the motorcycle races with the boys. 
And Marlee and Zoe waiting for food at homeroom, an awesome mac and cheese joint. 

Here's the first installment of what I've been up to in instagram format, you can follow my adventures, or lack there of, my name is sparrow_urchin.
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So, how many months has it been? Far too many. I've missed my little corner of the blog world. But a lot has happened this year, it's no wonder that the blog has slid away a bit. It's now been a year (in September) since I made the move out to the San Francisco Bay Area... and it's had it's ups and downs.

Since last we spoke I was working at the online stationary retailer, Minted. And I loved that job, it wasn't creative but used my skills and the people I worked with were amazing.

But in February I got a new opportunity to work for an ad agency. Pure Red Creative is great, and I get to work on a team for a national client/retailer which is amazing for my career as a designer (I was hired as a mid-level, yay!), but with great things you have to give up some stuff. The office is in Pleasanton which is in the valley (on the other side of the hills/mountains from Oakland, and a kinda suburb industrial park area). So sadly I'm a bit further from my dream city, San Francisco. Which is fine, I make it across the bay when I can, and I do love living in Oakland as well. My job I've had the opportunity to do a lot of concepting and illustrating, even one of my designs will be plastered all around San Francisco soon, I'll show it once printed and posted!

There's been another big change in my daily life, my car, my beautiful Lumi that drove me, Lee and tripp all the way out here has died. It's a sad sad time. So now that you know I work all the way on the other side of the hills, how do I get to work? I bike, then get on the train, make a transfer, tet off at the end of the line, then bike... Totaling 1 - 1.25 hour each way. It sucks. But on the bright side my thigh muscles may start hulking out of my pants and I've been getting some much needed blog reading done! The commute itself doesn't bother me much, but it sucks not being able to go and explore the surrounding areas like I want to, and it just makes everything take soooo much longer. It's hard for me to go out on weeknights cause I come home and walk Tripp then I'm too tired to get back on my bike and head out. Tripp has been having a lot of rides in my backpack, and he's become a little piggy so his extra weight is giving me more of a workout! I'm looking in a few months buying a new car because driving to work only takes 30 minutes each way driving but is 36 miles each way, I definitely need a newer car having a 70+ mile daily commute.

What else... I still live in the house full of interesting awesome people that I moved into a year ago, but I know in the next year I'm going to work towards finding a smaller living situation that's a bit more settled for the pooch and start making roots here. And then DECORATE! Yay!

I have a couple posted queued up with instagram shots (follow me sparrow_urchin), photos of my recent adventures and when my family visited, and I'm working on a whole new website. I don't think this will remain a "Here's my outfit" type blog, but I'm integrating my art, design, and likes together in their own little world, everything linked together and branded as one. No longer will I have a separate art and lifestyle blog and portfolio site, I'm going to have them all wrapped together. I also have a pinterest that I use ALL the time (http://pinterest.com/moyerdestroyer/)

So bear with me! Things will be changing but I'll update this blog until everything is ready!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I'm going to Michigan in the end of September for Sara's wedding! (http://chubbylumpkin.blogspot.com/). I'm so excited to see family and friends and take lots of pictures!!!

photo by Kathryn Taylor

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What I Did: MLK Day!


On Monday I was really excited to have a holiday off! All the previous holidays I worked :( And what was also great was that all me and my friends were off work! AND everyone has had some really good news in the job front lately. So we all packed into my car and drove down to Monterey Bay for the day.


It surprisingly was a quick drive, I'm sure our funny jokes and conversation helped, and it was BEAUTIFUL down there. It was a little chilly, but the sun warmed us right up. I can't believe I'm able to walk on the beach without shoes in JANUARY! Actually this entire long weekend was awesome, I went on a picnic on Saturday, we had a BBQ at Mike's on Sunday, and walked the beach and ran up dunes on Monday.

It was bliss.


Of course the guys grabbed the giant kelp/seaweed stuff and started whipping it around. At a certain point Mike got whipped in the foot and Adam got himself in the ass. It was hilarious. We sat around and watched the waves crash against the beach talking about life and when we all moved here. It's great being friends with people that are experiencing California with me. We all are from different places and it's great to have that comradery.


When the sun started to get low we started back towards the car and drove into Monterey. We parked in the Canning district and walked around in all the crappy tourist stores. It was really empty and great to walk around. We walked under some piers and buildings along the shore (of course we weren't supposed to... oooops). We watched some scuba divers awkwardly crawl out of the water, and of course watched cute otters splash around!


After we were done with putzing around we found a nice restaurant on the shore and ate some awesome burgers and fish and clam chowder.... Man I really feel like we all are making amazing strides here in SF Bay.

We are such little adults. I love these guys. I love it here. And I love visiting the beach.