Two Years ago today.

Well been busy, I have a ton of pictures for you to see to prove I'm still wearing dresses everyday! But here is a outfit picture from Dec 13, 2008 to entertain you from when Kevin and I saw Wicked at the Detroit Opera house. Kevin found this camera card under the bed yesterday while cleaning. I think my style is much the same, just no longer bleached blond hair.

Is it bad that I wear similar outfits still, and still wear these articles of clothing? I kinda feel in a standstill looking at this picture I live on the same street and wear the same clothes, but since then I've had 5 jobs, lived in Alaska, the house I'm standing in was torn down, fluctuated in weight 20lbs (finally getting to the lower end again this was when I was at the higher end), my hair cut to my shoulders, got a dog, got a full time job, dealt with people being laid off, and got engaged. I have to admit, that this was from my first christmas after college and I was so filled with excitement and hope, and I really thought I'd be leaving this dirt ball of Detroit. Much of that was squashed the next year by personal turmoil of growing up, relationship crap hitting the fan, and Detroit's job market crumbling... but I think maybe my hope started being renewed this past year... sucks that you know you are adult when you can deal with a crappy year. Remember when a year changed you into night and day. I mean really as a kid summer vacation would ruin friendships, and now we are ok with an entire year being crappy... Sorry for the rant. I will announce the winner to the earrings giveaway later today and hopefully outfit posts will resume this week.

Oh and to my new readers, welcome, and really I'm not always like this, but I am often Oscar the Grouch. I live in a trash can :)



Victoria / Justice Pirate | December 13, 2010 at 6:04 AM

I don't think it is bad at all that you wear similar clothes after two years. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I wear clothes that are similar to what I wore ten years ago. haha. ;)
I love your hair long. are you growing it back or not going to now?

modest typewriter vintage | December 13, 2010 at 7:29 AM

I know what you mean about having a bad year and and just dealing with it... I've had a similar experience, but I'm amazed by it. A few years ago, I think I would have had a gigantic 2- year old temper tantrum over the whole ordeal, but now I just try to learn and take the good and the bad with it. Being a grown up is crazy town, and definitely something you learn over time...

HOWEVER, I still wear the same clothes from years ago, and I think it's ok as well. :)

tess | December 13, 2010 at 10:10 AM

There's this great lyric on the new Jenny & Johnny album "2009 was a bastard of a year" which was so true for me. Roommate fiascos, dog and grandmother died, etc. but there were so many issues that I just had to deal with them instead of moping. If there had only been a few problems I probably would've been a lot more upset, but I didn't have time and I'm glad I pushed myself to try new things, move out, and move on. Who knew I'd be in Edinburgh for a year this time last year!? I wasn't even planning on going to Scotland and look how generally great things are going here.I guess accepting the circumstances, then figuring out how you can fix/change them is necessary to growing up.

Amber Blue Bird | December 13, 2010 at 12:15 PM

no apologies necessary for your "rant". I think everyone goes through this one year or another. you look very cute in this outfit and I love your colored tights and hey if the clothes still fit and look good then keep wearing them. I still have clothes from high school that I wear

stephanieesstar | December 13, 2010 at 1:42 PM

I totally still wear clothes from like...five or more years ago. If it's still wearable, then I'm game!

I have never really thought about how dealing with a bad year can really show you how much you've grown! It does stink to have bad years, but it's not as detrimental as we think it is when we're younger. For example, today I had a nice car accident on the slick roads. And ten years ago, that totally would have made me terrified to drive, made me break down beyond repair...but today, eh--there's nothing I can do about old ladies cutting me off and stopping abruptly! Life will go on.

Anyway, that got a little off topic--but I think you get my point!

Meg! | December 13, 2010 at 7:54 PM

Once gorgeous, always gorgeous. <3