LA pt. 2: Wedding

Sorry for the delays!


Last week and weekend I was in LA for Kevin's (my boyfriend) brothers wedding which he was a groomsman. So cute. We stayed at an amazing Hostel in West Hollywood right next door to some of my friends, the hostel was Orbit on Melrose, I highly recommend it, everyone was so nice there.
So for post #2 here are some of my favorite photos! Sorry I didn't get a full body pic, but hopefully Kev's parents did!

Kevin thought I looked as though I was from Tatooine, and I have to agree, very khaki outfit like a desert person would wear. Oh Star Wars....

Well the wedding was awesome and the dancing was better, we managed to clear the dance floor! YAY!

|| Dress - Urban Oufitters || Necklace - Anthropologie || Scarf - ? || Tights - Urban Outfitters ||
|| Clogs - Vintage || Belt - Anthropologie ||

I still look like a giant.
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 A picture of me taking a picture!

The cake was as beautiful as the location!
 Kevin and his bros, and KevLaur

I like this picture of Kevin
And now... DANCING!

LA pt. 3: Fun Times coming soon!