DIY Fest 2010

On Friday Kev and I rode our bikes down to Ferndale for the DIY Fest. It is a totally amazing festival with really good art and music, and drinks. I of course had the Mead wine... It's been a year now since I first tasted it's amazingness. I love it. We saw Maria playing in Outrageous Cherry and saw Sarms at his screen printing booth for his company Modati. As you can see Tripp came with us in our backpack and loved jamming to the tunes and dancing on stage. He's such such a party animal. haha!

Tripp loved Maria's drumming and Alex loves Tripp :)

Now for me and my fashionable friends

Kevin and Mike looking good :D

Johanna is always amazing looking, I'm always jealous of her outfits. She's too cute.

Maria after playing a sweet set.

Me with crazy eyes.

} WWII Navy Hat - Kevin's
} Dress - Cooperative via UO
} Cardigan - Incognito
} Tight - ?
} Converse - Gift from Brazil

I wanted to go on Saturday but my dad, step mom and nephew were in town, so I spent some important family time with them.

EDIT: Another picture of my new to me, awesome Navy Hat... I'm so happy Kevin is slightly obsessed with World War II or I wouldn't have such sweet stuff at my house.


She is Sara | September 20, 2010 at 6:38 AM

Yay! You looked cute! Tripp looks like a little party dog :)

Christy | September 20, 2010 at 12:00 PM

You're ridiculously adorable here. And how fabulous is that WWII Navy hat!?