Tripp Tuesdays

If you don't already realize this then you are silly, but you see I love love my puppy. He is perfect, although I wish sometimes he wouldn't bark so much. :)

I've wanted a dog since I graduated from college, for me having grown up with dogs (I had a beautiful Dalmation named Freckles) it didn't seem like a big deal. But to Kevin who was allergic as a child and never had any family pets other than a Rock Bass, the idea of a dog seemed crazy. I scoured daily looking through the Korgi mixes (spelled with a K like fake Crab is Krab, haha). I knew I wanted a Korgi mix because Kevin and I both love Corgis and they are smaller dogs, I had to remember if I were to move to another city I needed a dog that would be able to live in an apartment. I came across Tripp in October and with only one picture of him I thought he was beautiful. So we drove out to the adoption day in Brighton and played with him and walked him around. At closing Kevin and I left empty handed and a little teary eyed. We decided to wait a week and see if we still really wanted him. Kevin says he thought about the dog daily, so we decided to go back and get him. We walked into the adoption store on Saturday and low and behold someone had taken him for a trial night. We were too late. But we were determined, we drove back the next day and waited for the people to come back with him. Luckily they did, and the sad thing is they just threw him back in his cage and didn't look back. They obviously didn't realize that adopted dogs are a lot work, and he is hyper, needed attention and training. But no they just threw him back into a cage. I guess that was lucky for us.

Kevin bought him for our birthdays/anniversary (the November Juggernaut as he says) and since then it's been great. It's been a chore learning how to train an adult untrained dog, but it has been totally worth it. Tripp is incredibly smart and witty. I can't believe he went through the first year of his life with no one to love him, and had to go from home to home. He was wanted for his cuteness but then unwanted because no one had properly trained him. He bit, because as a puppy he was never taught not to. Now through Kevin and my teaching he doesn't bite anymore, he still sometimes plays with his mouth open and looks as though he will bite, but he hasn't bitten us in months, and I'm so proud. Getting a rescue dog is something that is very rewarding but is also hard work.

It's funny to see how unsure Kevin was of the entire thing and how now he is totally obsessed with his dog... haha he is a sucker for Tripp.

With all that story behind here is a silly video Kevin took of me making Tripp dance. I put the song "I love onions" to it because really it works, and Tripp just so happened to get onto the table the other day and eat an onion... oh dogs...

And a equally cute picture of Kevin and the doggy.



Lemondrop Marie | September 28, 2010 at 9:02 AM

All my dogs have been rescue, and while some have been more work than raising one from a puppy, all have been important members of our family we loved so! congrats!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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tess | September 28, 2010 at 9:14 AM

wow Tripp looks so happy in the

We got my dog as a puppy and he certainly wreaked just as much havoc on our house and attitudes for the first few months as a rescue dog could! So it's so sad that people give up on rescue dogs early on when they'd be willing to get a puppy that misbehaves just as much...glad you two rescued him! he's adorable and the perfect addition to your family!