Labor Day Cookout

I know I know, I'm very late on this post, but I've been uber busy lately, but I have a slew up posts queued up. haha! Well on Labor Day a bunch of friends came by and we had a good ole bbq. My friend Matt cooked up two chickens and some amazing beans, while my buddy Kristina made some amazing Sangria... Oh we also had some potato salad and beer... It was so good, I miss seeing my friends on a regular basis. Why does summer have to be over? And why is it so cold here in Detroit when it's warm everywhere else? Seriously it's been between the 60's and 70's. Usually it's still warm in September. Summer just all of a sudden left. :(

And a little cuteness for the end of the post, Tripp make nests out of sheets to sleep in... He's adorable.