Arts, Beats and Eats

Arts, Beats and Eats is a festival that is obviously about food, music and art. It used to be in Pontiac but this year was moved to Royal Oak which I think was a great idea because it's more centralized in the Metro Detroit area. It costs $3 to get in and covers most all of the cute downtown of Royal Oak, which I live like 3 blocks from. So we were able to walk down saturday morning and check everything out before it got too crowed. Jen bought some cute boots and I got a boater hat from the local vintage store. It was super chilly and blustery and soon after I got the hat the wind grabbed it from me and sent it toppling down the street. Kevin being the sweetheart he is ran down the street and grabbed it right before it flew into traffic. My hat hero!

{ Jacket - Tommy Hilfiger from my mom a couple years ago }{ Dress - Cooperative via UO }
{ Tights - Target? }{ Socks - Gift }{ Boots - Frye }{ Hat - Vintage from Lost & Found }

So these are a little dark they were taken with my iPhone :)

Later in the afternoon Jen went home and Kev and I were able to clean the bedroom and do some laundry. I love having afternoons so free with nothing to do where you just clean and be worry free. I think I'm going to paint my bedroom soon and hang more art this weekend. It's surprising, our last place (that was just torn down last month) was so organized and cutely painted. When we lived there I only worked a few odd job part-time so I was able to decorate, clean, and organize to my hearts content. But since I moved into the flat which was in December I've been working one or two jobs at 40-50 hours a week. So as you can imagine our flat never got charm and organization placed into it. Now with Kevin back at his old job, which is awesome, we have even less time to clean. It's so hard when both people work full-time, things pile up so quickly. So yeah, this weekend is going to be full of cleaning, and for Kevin finishing his freelance, which is actually for interior design! Oh and since I talk about me boy so much you can check out his awesome art here on his blog!!

Back to the day, in the evening we met up with a bunch of friends and went to one of the concerts at the festival. We saw Mayer Hawthorne, who is a awesome artist from Ann Arbor, and decided to hang out at my place for a little bit. Everyone left around midnight again and Kev and I got to go to bed exhausted again. This weekend has been sooo relaxing!


LoveCharlesVintage | September 6, 2010 at 5:05 PM

Adorable photos! I'm bummed I missed it this year because my friends were playing!

Midwest Mayhem | September 6, 2010 at 8:34 PM

Your outfit is too adorable! I really like your jacket. Jon and I walked around arts, beats, and eats Saturday night. We got there too late though and almost all of the art was already packed up!

Anonymous | September 7, 2010 at 7:07 AM

I loved your coat and boots, fall is coming everywhere but here in Toronto.

Thanks for entering the giveaway dear. Good Luck. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada