It's the high 80's

Man this past Tuesday's weather was beautiful!! It was in the high 80's and felt like there was no weather. No blustery wind, no hot sun, no rain. Perfect, just like a warm puppy. I was so excited for tuesday because my Michigan friend via Alaska was visiting for work stuffs. I met Maggie in Alaska and we were both from Michigan spending our summers there. It was instant friendship, her and I are so different but so much alike. She really helped me a lot during some really rough times I had up there and I know, even though we hadn't seen each other for a year, that she will be there for me if I ever needed it and I for her. Those types of friendships are hard to come by and I thankfully have some great friends that are spread all around the country and I can still feel their hugs when I am down. So I'm going to tribute them right now, sorry but I love my friends, and I want them on my blog :D

Maggie!! This was when we left the bar at 2:30a after a great night of girl talking... and a creepy spanish guy. See how light it still is? Yep Alaska. I can't wait to visit the west side of Michigan and squeeze your cheeks, since I forgot on tuesday!

My other Alaska girl, Ashley. She is the most amazing photographer and I love her dearly. I had the most amazing memorial weekend visiting her in Louisville, and now that she's in florida, I can't wait to go see her. She also was a rock during my stay in Alaska... Now you are my FL rock.

Now for my Junior High gang... It's funny how a few people at a certain time in your life will stick with you forever.
Marlee, even though she was only in my town for two year I can't believe how much she is in my life and thoughts. I want to live with her so we can have girlie conversations while hanging out in my room. Now I have to move to California so we can giggle everyday, hehe!

Kate! Oh we had a crazy friendship haha, we made it through the green hair and all, and she is the most together girl I know, I don't know how I'd go through life without her wisdom :) And man if I live in NYC, Virginia is pretty close!

Oh Erik, we were neighbors, and we liked Sailor Moon.... 'nuff said. haha Oh my Dayton friend.

And my twin, younger brother Mark. Not really but that's what we told people. Mark and I were glued at the hip, we met at art camp, how cute! He and I would hang out at my grandma's with our "raver" looks. Yep we had parachute pants and bracelets up our arms. I was Spanker Ren and he was Scawffy Coffee, and we would draw up an anime storm. Gah! Mark, we had some awesome sleepovers (is that weird that my parents allowed that? I don't think so)

And so there are my far away friends that I can always count on, aren't they all so cute?

Now on to what I wore on tuesday, to work then out and about with Maggie on a glorious day.

Outfit Deets:

} Scarf - Thrifted (It says Mackinac Island Service Camp, got it with my local bestie Jen for .40!)
} Tank - Kohls
} Skirt - Stepmom found it in a closet at home
} Tights - Kohls I think
} Shoes - Anthro (I really wear these ALL the time)
} Earrings - from a vendor at Emerge & See 2010




tess | September 24, 2010 at 7:25 AM

aww what a cute post! You have some amazing friends! I hope one day I have such a solid group

And I love your scarf

Wangari M. | September 24, 2010 at 10:47 AM

I heart your firends! Those types of friends are hard to come by but I'm glad to see you have such a great group! I'm just happy I have a handful myself!

Also cute and simple outfit :)