Weekender Outift

Just a quick outfit post. I just got these shoes and jacket on sale recently and thought they'd look cute together.

The jacket I got from the BCBG Max Outlet store in Cinci, and I got it for $19!!! It was marked down from $258... I had to ask if it was written correctly. Deal of the Month, and it fits me quite well considering jackets are the hardest to fit me.

The shoes I got off a Anthro sale, been looking for some oxfords for awhile, but trying to find vintage for my big feet is too hard. I like the color too, great pop.

And theres a little glimpse of my living room, and my rocking record player, found that at a garage sale for 20bucks and it's worth upwards of $300, it's a 50's suitcase record player with perfect tube speakers. I love it.

And sorry for my sad looking face, it's the only picture with the full jacket effect. So, yeah, that's it!

Jacket - BCBG  |  Shoes - Lucky Penny from Anthro