S&U On Tour } Sunday on Belle Isle

Belle Isle in Detroit is really a one of a kind place. It is a island in the Detroit River and is about 1.5sq miles. It has a greenhouse, sack slide, beach, fountain, a petting zoo, tons of fields and wood paths. It also has some pretty great abandoned buildings, like the old zoo, the Detroit boat club (both of those I've been exploring in) and the oldest Aquarium in the Americas that was recently shut down. It's sad but since Detroit has been more active with the island it is starting to really blossom again.

It was designed by the great urban landscape artist Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park, Prospect Park in NYC, tons of great parks in Chicago and Boston and all over the US. It truely is a beautiful island and fun to go to.


I also want to make a note of this:
I found out that night that a young girl, I think 16, drowned on Sunday on Belle Isle. She was swimming on the Canadian side of the island where the current is very fast and the freighters pass. I am upset that there were so many witnesses that did nothing when there are signs of "no swimming" for the reason of the fast currents on that side of the island (the beach is on the other side where the water way is narrow and current is slower). We need to watch each other and help people around us. I feel her death could have been prevented by the many, many people who were surrounding her.

My thoughts and prayers go to her family and am relieved to know her younger sister, who was also in the water, got to shore safely. Please let's not turn a blind eye when we see children and other people that are in danger or potential danger.



Sara Lynn | May 30, 2010 at 12:31 PM

I love all these pics, I want to go there again soon. We used to skip school to look at the Albino deer in high school.

Tripp is so damn CUTE!