Sporty Time

My arms and face are so rigid, if my mom saw those positions she'd be teasing me. Got to work on that posture.

This globe is all made out of semi precious stone, it's uber expensive

Blouse - American Eagle  |  Sash - American Apparel  |  High Waist Skirt - UO  |  Shoes - Nike

Today I wanted more of a girl sporty look, so instead of heels or fancy shoes I strapped on my running shoes. They are so comfy and have a low profile so I don't have to worry about them hitting the bottom of my ankle when I run. And they are plain and cute. I just bought I sash from American Apparel yesterday cause I saw so many girls styling it so well. I also bought a leotard for ballet and grabbed a small hanger then didn't realize till I got home that it actually was a large, and they don't allow you to return bodysuits... grrrr. Maybe I'll get out my sewing machine an take it in. I don't know.

I'm also trying out some self tanning lotion for my legs, just to try to minimize the bluish whiteness of them, let's see if it works. :)

Sorry for the grainy pictures, it is storming outside so I doubt I'll go outside to get a picture.