Hey Girl, Your Irish is Showing

Today I'm celebrating my heritage, Irish! My Irish side of the family is catholic but they were from Northern Ireland. My great grandma was shipped here with her sister because of the violence that the Northern Protestants did towards the Catholics living there. They hung rugs on the wall because people would go through the Catholic section of town and break out their windows.

But on a happier note my Great Grandma moved to the US and she met a German Irish Protestant, but since it was the New World his family didn't want to bring all the violence and misunderstanding that was taking place in Ireland into their new lives. So the Green and Orange met together united.

Pretty deep eh?

And look! I'm still wearing stripes for Jessica's (What I Wore) Unofficial Breton Stripes Day, they may not be the right kind of stripes but hey a stripes a stripe (I'm writing the word stripe so much I keep thinking I'm accidently writing strip... artists are not known for their grammar)

Pictures infront of Mark Wolak paintings, it's super nasty rain outside. gross. So as I shot pictures of art I hopped in some frames.

Dress - Anthropologie (Kev bought it for me!)  |  Green Stripe Sweater - I don't remember  |  Boots - Frye  |  Socks - Kev's Mom  |   Necklace - Street Vendor in Brazil

This dress I love but I hardly wear it, Kevin bought it for me for my Senior Show at CCS. It has beautiful embroidery and buttons but I think pairing it with a sweater makes it a little more casual. I just don't really know how to wear this dress other than as it is... don't know what to pair with it.