Dear Caught in Headlights

Kevin named this post for me.

Didn't get a picture until sunset so we used flash, I really like the outcome. I didn't wear the hat at work but it was perfect when I came home and sat in the backyard in my lounger reading using it to shade my eyes.

The hat is from when I was little when we went to colonial Williamsburg... It's my favorite place. I want everyone to have to dress up to go there, same with the Renaissance festival, wouldn't that be awesome if everyone was in period costume. You could just get lost in time travel. It would be amazing.

The shirt is also special, it was the blouse my grandma wore as her "honeymoon outfit", it's cream and have navy blue zoo animal silhouettes. I have the entire outfit which consists of a jacket, not a flattering form may have it altered, and it has the same fabric as the lining just the pattern is reversed color. And then had a long pencil skirt, which doesn't fit my height too well cause g-ma was 5'9". I love the entire ensemble, it's also sooo period.

Blouse - Grandma's Vintage  |  Skirt - Kimchi & Blue from UO  |  Belt - Ralph Lauren  |  Hat - Williamsburg  |  Sandals - Aldo


Sara Lynn | May 25, 2010 at 7:17 PM

Lauren you look adorable! That hat rocks!! I am sorry I didn't make it over this week. I am making up for not visiting friends and family while I was in school all year.

Think you guys are free Thursday night? :)