Old Town & New Town

Hello, I'm guest posting for Lauren today all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland where I'm studying abroad for the entire year! Since I have the whole year here, I haven't put too much pressure on myself to hike up every hill and hustle through all the history museums. However I have two friends from home visiting this week so stomping all over the city is a priority.

Our first touristy stop was the swift steep ten minute hike up Calton Hill. When you reach the top, not only do you get a good view of the city, but some lovely if somewhat misplaced Grecian columns. I went up there on my first day here, when I was jetlagged out of my mind, so I failed to look over the other half the hill to New Town. Edinburgh is divided into two parts, Old and New Town. New Town (developed in the 18th Century, a misnomer today) was built to assuage the growing population. Although I would claim New Town's architecture isn't as stunning as Old Town, it was where the rich preferred to reside. When my friend and I came down the hill we finally learned the charms of its residential streets.

While I found it fun for taking some repeating line photos, I appreciate the coziness of Old Town, pictured below. So here's some juxtaposition (oo, snobby art word!) of construction vs. "nature." I can't exactly call it nature because this park was also man made, oh well. These photos are from the Meadows, an adorable quintessentially British park. I walk through it every day. Considering I used to pass a hospital and a construction site while walking to class back at college in DC, a park with puppies and children playing is much better.

If you would like to hear and see more of Edinburgh, stop by my blog Quintessentially Quirky.




Terri | October 27, 2010 at 11:45 AM

Thanks to Lauren, you have a new follower. I especially like the photos of the blue door and the close-up of the bark.

freesia | October 27, 2010 at 6:33 PM

Beautiful photos, beautiful place!!!

She is Sara | October 29, 2010 at 8:00 AM

Woot! Tess I love the picture of the blue door especially!