Fav. Friday & Clyde's Rebirth


How great is this giveaway and how great is the lookbook! I'm so excited. My birthday is coming up and this would be sweet. haha!

And now for my second installment of Fav Fridays!!

CaliVintage } Fall Colors

I absolutely love this combination! The skirt is amazing and the blouse spot on. It's vintage without looking too costumey. The textures are great for fall, it just feels so warm with the cotton, wools, and felt that to me signify the changing leaves.

Art of Tin Can Forest } via Perfect Laughter

Found this artist on my favorite Detroit art blog (yo Christina and Dennis!!). I love the use of linework. Using more lines is always a battle for me, I love drawing and want to incorporate it more in my paintings but I'm always afraid of it looking too cartoony. Well this doesn't and I love it.

ModLife } Variations on a theme party

Kevin and My birthdays are coming up... Hmmm. Who wants to dress up in a two person Jabba costume with me?

Let's Go Ride a Bike } Biking in France: the wine road

I love riding bikes and I love traveling! Can you imagine riding your bike in France? Oh gosh, Trisha and Dottie make me so jealous in this post. Cute girls, cute bikes, cute buildings... Ah! I want!

Vanity Fair 1953 photography by Mark Shaw } via The Sea of Fertility

Nancy always find such inspirational images! These photos are incredible. Make sure to go check out the rest. I love how the women are covering their faces, so you can just look at the bodies movement with the fabric. The flow in these are incredible. I want to dance like them!

Tiny Toad Stool } Part 2

I love this outfit!!! And this was my favorite picture. Shanshan is too cute and her berets are amazing. She's having a contest to design one for yourself. I have to enter!

Twitch Vintage } Turban Headband Tutorial

I don't know if a turban would be good on me, but I do love tutorials! Robyn does a wonderful job at showing you how to make such a popular fashion piece with uber simple stuff!!

Heart City Vintage } Side of Mustard

I love Hannah's look! The musstard tights are just too amazing! And the blazer! This is just a perfect back to school/fall outfit. Got some out of the box prep in it, and Hannah is just too cute, I love her hair :)

Well yeah, now you've seen what was in my starred folder on google reader. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!



She is Sara | October 15, 2010 at 8:24 AM

Ah I am loving Fridays on your blog woman! DUDE, STAR WARS PARTY!!!!! I wanna be R2D2!

Oh and we pulled from the house, there was too much wrong with it. I am really bummed but we are going to start looking again. I found like 10 really cute ones in Ferndale, one in Madison Heights, and one in Royal Oak. I think Ferndale is going to be our best bet. That's not too far right? You visits me??!!

Anonymous | October 15, 2010 at 9:33 PM

Hey, thanks for visiting Rags.

And these favorite links of the weeks are too good. I added Sea of Fertility to my daily blog reading last week and I'm almost afraid to go visiting some of the excellent sites you've posted this week.