Well these pictures are from Friday, for some reason I wasn't able to load them on Kevin's computer so here they are late.

Friday started out to be an ok day and then it just got worse and worse. I was informed my external harddrive isn't able to be fixed the usual way with computers and programs and whatnot. Nope, how WesternDigital redesigned their hds, the drive would have to completely take apart and rebuilt to maybe retrieve data... maybe, no guarentess. And this would cost anywhere from $699 to $2000. So you can imagine I'm cutting my losses and demanding my money back and not wasting a single penny on this brand new hard drive that died in one month. Luckily I still have artwork data on my old harddrive, so I most likely only lost newer stuff, like pictures from this year, movie/music, etc. I think I have all my artwork files, which is really what matters. I'm looking at starting to store a lot of my important files on my web server since I have alot of room and it can't corrupt and die.

So if this wasn't bad enough, towards the end of the day an artist came in fuming angry at the gallery. He was cussing and screaming that we owed him money and we knew nothing of the business. He was upset about how little money he got from renting a piece to a movie, but we told him from the begining all the figures. See, the movie industry has been big here so we've been able to provide artwork for set dressings because it's easier to get artist releases through us because we feature local talent. Well we contacted this artist and told look rental is only 5% of the pieces retail value and we then split it. So you can image you don't get much but you get your piece in a movie. I don't think that people realize that movies have really tight budgets, especially for art and accessories for sets. So people assume oh movies, I'm going to make tons of money... Nope. And we've always been upfront with our artists. But most movies filmed here have $500-1000 for artwork and accessories for the entire movie... yeah. Not a money maker but great for your resume, and just that can increase your artworks value.

But nope, he wanted nothing to do with us. I offered to show him paperwork from the film studios, what we were paid, but nope he just wanted to cuss me out and storm out with the rest of his work, leaving me standing dumbfounded. But oh well, it happens. Thank god that April, one of our glass artists, was there to write him off for me, I know if I was along in the gallery I would've been more upset. It sucks getting yelled at even when you know the person is wrong. I know that we didn't do anything wrong, and as a gallery we have always put our artists first. I mean we've been in business since '89 which is really good in this area. I think my boss know what he's doing.

So that was friday, it ended well with me going down to ohio for an Amazing weekend. More on that tomorrow. Here's the last of me styling Chloe's crop top, and here is how it's been styled so far.

} Outift
  Sweater } H&M
  Button Down } Heritage 1981
  Crop Top } Chloe via Here to There
  Jeggings } Target
  Boots } Frye
  Vintage Skis } Kevin's



She is Sara | October 25, 2010 at 9:58 AM

I still cannot believe that asshole. ugh. At least you looked adorable!

I am sorry about the hardrive, I know how upset you are because of it :( I am glad to hear that you still have your art :)

Amber Blue Bird | October 25, 2010 at 12:36 PM

oh man that really blows about your hard drive. Sounds like a bummer of a Friday but at least the rest of your weekend was nice

Midwest Mayhem | October 25, 2010 at 6:22 PM

Oh no, what an awful person! Don't worry about him, he got hit by a bus as soon as he left. (That's what Jon tells me about people when they are mean, he says they were hit by a bus. It usually cheers me up.)