LA pt. 3: Summer Fun

Sorry for the delays!

Summer Fun

Two weeks ago I was in LA for Kevin's (my boyfriend) brothers wedding which he was a groomsman. So cute. We stayed at an amazing Hostel in West Hollywood right next door to some of my friends, the hostel was Orbit on Melrose, I highly recommend it, everyone was so nice there.

So for post #3 here are some of my favorite photos from bumming around LA. We drove around on Mulholland Dr., me and Marlee walked around Santa Monica and Shopped on Rodeo Dr., Kev, Marlee, Me and the Dunn Fam had the time of our lives at Disney Land, we walked the Venice Beach, Kev and I watched the moon over the water sitting on rocks in Malibu, bummed around the Labrea Tarpits, and I had an amazing time hanging out with my college buddies in LA; Ken, See, and Tony. So much for four days. It was incredible.

Exploring Hollywood and Mulholland Dr.

You find Detroit anywhere, but what's strange is that the houses on
the street were nice!

Oh! Kevin's hands are the same as Han Solo! He's in heaven.

Disney Land and Santa Monica Pier (some photos are from Marlee's REAL 35mm camera!)

Tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth

We're in 3-D!
Space Mountain!

Santa Monica Pier

LaBrea Tarpits

Griffith Observatory & Venice Beach

Jaba's Palace!

Beautiful Architecture

Me inline with the Summer Solstice


Finally it's over!


ZombieLace | July 14, 2010 at 2:20 PM

looking SO cute on your vacation! That's exactly what I'd want to be wearing in california: summery little skirts, amazing white high waisted shorts, and red stripes!