S&U On Tour } Miamisburg Mound

This weekend was super filled again... I have only had one free weekend this summer! I'm exhausted... On Saturday was the Royal Oak garage sale, which is held yearly in a parking structure and people just set up their booths. I got some great finds, a purse for $5, a romper for $1, some gifts for my mom and cousin. Kevin got an ammo box for my nephew and two shirts for $12. Then after spending the morning in the heat we napped before hitting the road for ohio to spend Sunday with my mom and step-dad's family.

Another group shot! My step brothers are the big dudes on the left, their arms are bigger than my head.

After the family function on the way back from my sister's, Kevin and I stopped at the Miamisburg Mound State Memorial. I've actually never been there which is surprising because it's literally 15 minutes away and on the way to my grandparent's house.

Ohio is known for it's Mounds, mainly Serpent Mound, which is not a burial mound. The Miamisburg Mound is the tallest Mound east of the Mississippi and currently measures 65ft tall, it was once 68ft or taller.

Archeologists believe it is a mound built by the Adena people, a prehistoric native culture who's origins are unknown, and are now known more as the Mound Builders because of their earthworks and burial mounds. They lived in the Ohio river valley around 1000-800 BC and were the first people in the region to domesticate food and were at that time pretty far beyond other cultures in the US.

|| Lace shirt - UO on sale! || Skirt - Target || Necklace, Shades - F21 ||
|| Purse - Royal Oak Garage Sale || Sandals - Aldo ||

The view from uptop was amazing, the mound is built on a 100ft bluff looking over the Miami River. You can see so far, I could see downtown Dayton. I'm sure if it wasn't sooo humid that day you could see ever farther.

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Christy | July 20, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Your weekend sounds wonderful! I remember learning about the Adena people in a World Art course in college (I was an art history minor), and it's really cool that you actually got to stand on top of the mound! The view looks really beautiful.

I love your outfit, especially that lace top! You can find all sorts of gems in Urban Outfitters' sale racks. :)

stephanieesstar | July 20, 2010 at 7:00 PM

I live in Kettering and work in Miamisburg city schools...yet I have never been to the mound! After seeing these photos, though, I told my husband we have to go sometime this summer! I didn't know it was so pretty from up there!