Where I've Been: Lake Huron

Last weekend (feels sooo long ago!) I went back to Detroit to hitch a ride with my Ferndale friends up to Eric's family's beach house on Lake Huron on the tip of the thumb. It was absolutely spectacular.

The first day (friday) we got there early and sat in the water drinking mixed drinks and being pushed around in the waves. That night we had family style dinner when most everyone had already gotten there (a few stragglers showed up throughout the weekend, all in all there were 11 of us in the end). The night was finished with a bonfire and lots of beer and laughs.

Saturday started with the guys going for a bike ride (those guys are WAY too serious for me so I did not join in) and then family breakfast. Later after swimming around we all headed towards the river and rented 5 canoes for the ten of us and as soon as we got out of view we roped them all together to make a party barge (unfortunately I did not bring my camera because of you know, that thing called water). I of course got stuck on the outside so I had to use my gun muscles to push us along... I was definitely sore in the later days! We had lots of beer and it took us awhile to make it the lake. Then we all splashed around and I tried doing handstands in the water... but I totally pulled a muscle, haha! On the way back we kept the canoes separate and Kristina and I rowed as we gossiped about life, boys, etc...

Later that night we all snuggled and napped together before heading into town to have some of the worse food ever... it was serious blah. But the people in the bar were top notch. The night was then rounded off with more beer and a group walk along the lake then a midnight swim.... mmmm....

Sunday rounded off the wonderful weekend with more swimming in the lake and me making breakfast with Tom... it was ok. :) Then we had a big group lunch before starting to pack up and head back south... and I fell asleep, haha.

I can't imagine having a better weekend. I love these kids so much!



Victoria / Justice Pirate | August 14, 2011 at 9:56 AM

Oh wow. what a very gorgeous place to spend time at. I love all these adventures you've been having as I spend life as a near hermit in my home.

Melissa | August 16, 2011 at 8:10 AM

What a BLAST I love Lake Huron. I miss our family's old cabin up in Oscoda... we had to sell it :(


She is Sara | August 16, 2011 at 8:46 PM

Cat-Lady friend! Looks like a lot of fun! I am hoping to drag my fatass Ferndale friends out this week.