Tripp goes to School

Oh lookie there, it's Tripp Tuesday!!!

So on Wednesday I start private training with my little buddy Tripp. I'm really excited. Tripp is super smart but I really need to be able to control him better, he's a brat and likes not to listen. And with all the plans coming to fruition in the fall, he needs to be his best!! I've been wanting to do formal training since I got him, but with the recent events in my life I've started to take more initiative and make plans. So Tripp is starting school. The trainer really likes him, and I hope we can learn how to deal with Tripp properly, he's scared sometimes because when I adopted him he had been abused, and he sometimes gets very defensive or scared and barks/mouths.

Oh and another thing I took initiative on... I bought a Canon T3. Yay! I have a DSLR of my own now... No more borrowing my work camera. This past weekend I was in Ohio and took some great pictures with it (mainly of Tripp... I think he will become a staple of the blog). I can't wait to upload them later this week.

I also scanned in some great photos from my past, and some "racy" ones from freshman year when my Photographer friend used me as a model. I'll have to show you them... they are so cute. (and by racy, I don't mean too overtly sexual or anything, but they definitely are Freshman year art school... haha!)

Until then...

Huggles, Lauren

Oh and I want to thank everyone for the emails and comments concerning my recent split... It took a lot for me to finally open up to your guys, and I feel so much better letting it out in the open. I need to respond to everyone which I will get too... just haven't sat myself down to write you all. Love you.


KateLainey | May 24, 2011 at 6:48 PM

Oh Tripp is adorable and makes me want a doggie so bad! Good luck with the training, I'm sure he will do just swell!

Nicole | May 24, 2011 at 6:48 PM

Tripp is seriously the cutest (right behind my pup, lol!) Imagine if Tripp & Donna got together? Their babies would be all ears!!!

Tess Malone | May 25, 2011 at 2:26 PM

I love your dog and am glad he's still there for you.

My friend's dog Tucker was banned from puppy school because he was a bit too intent on humping the other dogs. Apparently it's a common issue with male puppies, but Tucker was over enthusiastic compared to most. The trainer joked to my friend's mom that Tucker should've been named Fucker, I think she refused to go back after that incident haha