Where I've Been: Driving Across Country

As I mentioned in the previous post about what I've been up to while I took a hiatus from blogging and started making a new single life for myself, I wrote that my dad and I drove back from San Fran in a van full of motorcycles.

So here is the rest of the post. From Monday morning, April 25th till Thursday afternoon my dad and I drove from San Fran, through the Sierra Nevada, through the Salt Flats, by the great salt lake, through the mountains/prairies in Wyoming, past the continental plateau, then the boring stretch back to Dayton, OH. It was great, this will be the third time I've driven from Dayton to the west coast in the past 3 years, or visa versa, and I doubt it'll be the last. My childhood also consisted of me and my parents and sisters getting into the van and traveling around the country. I've been to 45 states, and countless National Parks. Although this trip was very quick, it wasn't without it beautiful views. And I got to experience the country changing from winter to spring, the weather changed every half and hour, my dad and drove through 80 degree weather and white out snow storms. It was exciting.

And now a photo overload.

Our Chariot

Entering the Sierra Nevadas

The weather ontop of the mountains

Surprisingly there were stores selling all kinds of jerky around Donner Pass... I wouldn't trust buying meat from there. :)

Oh A real Cowboy... on a horse. I drooled.


Most of my time

A rain bow and rain!

The Salt Flats... which were cold and windy.

The reflections of the mountains are being reflected by the sand/salt flats... not water.

Great Salt Lake, didn't jump in, but I would float!

Looks like a Russell Chatham painting.

Flaming Gorge.

I've always been obsessed with runaway truck ramps.

Where a tree has been growing out a tree for centuries, was a stop on the Oregon Trail.. It was also so windy that I was blown over and my dad caught me.

Smalltown, USA.

And there you have it a few notable pictures from a quick drive across country. Sorry no cool outfit shots and whatnot... we had a deadline, and I wasn't feeling like getting dressed up... I only had a backpack of clothes :)

Don't worry... there will be another post like this in a few months... Where will I drive to?



Victoria / Justice Pirate | May 25, 2011 at 1:53 PM

oh wow. beautiful shots!!! I love them! That is great that you are getting a road trip. I think if I were you I'd lock myself up in a puddle of my own tears. You're smart by getting out and exploring the beauty around you.

Tess Malone | May 25, 2011 at 2:24 PM

I've only seen 17 states and been on one real roadtrip and that was just to Iowa last summer haha. This post is really inspiring for me. America is such a beautiful country and I was particularly enraptured by the first few photos of the trees, it looked like some romantic painting. I can't wait to see where you go next!

thomessa | May 25, 2011 at 6:53 PM

This is really awesome. The photos were really pretty. I've wanted to drive cross country for a while now. Looked like a ton of fun :)