Dressember Recap

So how did I do wearing only dresses for the month of December? Not to bad, if I say so. I did find that I wanted to wear more skirts, and I did feel a little obligated to dress for my blog everyday and not myself. But all in all I feel good about it. I missed three days though... :( So here is a recap!

Days 1 ~ 6 } I was feeling really good and was on a Dressember high. I really loved the pictures I took.

Days 7 ~ 10 } I was a bit overwhelmed by happenings in my life and I wasn't as excited, but I loved my outfit on day 10, the tights Kevin got for me are adorable.

Days 11 ~ 13 } Got to go to Cat's Christmas party, which was awesome! and I wore my dress as a skirt!

Day 14 } This is the favorite picture I took all month, and man it was cold when I took it. Michigan was below freezing for two weeks... brrrr.

Days 15 ~18 } Nothing too exciting, I went to the Michigan Design Center's Holiday party on the 16th where I wore my new Holiday dress from Sally Jane Vintage, and got an awesome red cape on the 18th.

Day 19 } Don't know what happened that day!

Days 20 ~ 21 } On the 21st, Sara, Kevin, Kyle and I went to Rochester to see the lights display and we ate out... It was so good.

Days 22 ~ 24 } You guys haven't seen some of these looks but I did take pictures! The 23rd Kevin, Kate, and I drove down to Kentucky (from Ohio) to get some amazing pictures taken by my bestie Ashley. I will have to share them with you later!! On Christmas Eve I was at my sister's annual party but totally forgot to take an complete outfit picture during the festivities. So I stole this picture my other sister took :)

Day 25 } Christmas! I don't know what I wore, but I'm sure it was pajamas all day :)

Days 26 ~ 30 } So I started my 12 Days of Christmas pictures with a bang, but sadly by the 29th I was super sick, and didn't take an outfit picture on 31st/NYE, because I was sick!! I did go out for an hour that night to go see my towns ball drop, but I admit it... I wore pants.

I had lots of fun!!! Even though in a lot of the pictures you can't see the whole dress because of all the layers, it was still fun to go through my closet and pick out dresses I wouldn't usually wear in such freezing weather. And the funny thing is I didn't wear all the dresses I own! I think that means some need to go to the thrift store. ;) I ended up wearing 23 different dresses. So there were some repeats!!! I found out too that most of my dresses are either vintage or from Urban Outfitters... I really do love their sale rack, haha. But yeah that's kinda cool.

Anyway, Happy Dressember 2010!!!



Franca | January 3, 2011 at 8:52 AM

yay, you did so well!

Anonymous | January 3, 2011 at 1:43 PM

I think 7 and 16 are my favorites! i don't even own enough dresses to do something like this.

blythe | January 4, 2011 at 12:12 PM

Love your recap! Congrats on finishing strong- you had some really great looks! :D

hope you'll be back next year with new recruits? ;)

Georgy | January 5, 2011 at 10:58 AM

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