So I finally found the most perfect Dirndl, and it was from Lauren of Dear Golden Vintage who is located near me. So I planned on going out there and trying it on and buying it, we made the plans and as we did it sold! How upsetting. I should have told her it was a definite sale and got it reserved.

I was pretty sure it would've fit me too, but I really wanted to go out and meet her and try it on... thwarted! So I scoured ebay and found a cheap comparable one and just bought it. It'll be a little large but I can take it in, and it's wool so it'll be my winter dirndl.

The first time I wanted a Dirndl but didn't go for the purchase was when Keiko from Keiko Lynn was selling her Pink Gingham Dirndl. But I chickened out... Ah! I do that so often, but again I am poor and work all the time, where would I wear that? Well I guess work since I make up my own clothes rules.

I'm still on the look out for some more Dirndls... and next time I'm in the Cincinnati/Germantown area you can be sure I'll be looking. I love them and would wear them all the time. How german am I? Actually here's a little background of my family. My german side is from Marktheidenfeld (I'm pretty sure) on the river Main in southern germany. They were clock makers and moved to Virginia in the early 1800's-ish. Then the german families moved to PA and eventually to Ohio and the Moyers were one of the families who helped create and build Germantown, OH. So yeah I'm German. My other side is Irish and they came here for work and a better life in the early 1900's, which I wrote about here >> Hey girl your irish is showing

I'm still really wanting this Dirndl from Bow's and Bandits but I want to see how I like the one I bought first and I'm afraid this may be too costumey. And it also is located in Germany, and it would be a little large on me as well. But I would still wear it. I am also still waiting for a response to see if it's cotton or not. I may also want to just wait for Oktoberfest back home. Or perhaps go up and scour thrift stores in Frankenmuth.

So If you know of any awesome Dirndls for sale contact me!!! I really like the Bavarian style which is a little shorter than the Austrian... oh well. pity party for me. Maybe I'll make one... Onwards to an outfit post!

Just a quick get up today, nothing crazy. I was going to wear this yellow dress but I couldn't find my slip. I love love this skirt, I got it at Zara on Sunday on sale and it's sooo light weight and the pattern is too cute. This belt I got last week on sale... man I didn't spend much money in July but now I am... Oh well.

{ Skirt - Zara }{ Blouse - AE }{ Belt - Ecote via UO }{ Heels - Aldo }

Sorry for any lack of creativity in pictures or outfits as of late. I'm swamped preparing for my artshow, so most all my pictures will be taken at work because I get home and change. And pardon for the grainyness of the photos as well.

Onwards to some other ramblings. Last night I made apple pie because I had a bag of apples that were getting mealy. Little did you know that I can bake up a storm. I'm not good at dinner stuff, but I'm really good at cakes, and waffles, and crepes... and now pie! It was a super simple recipe, with the crust and filling it had 8 ingredients. Flour, Sugar, Salt, Water, Apples, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Butter. I love simplicity.
I must say it was pretty perfect looking. Shots with my iPhone because right before I misplace my point and shoot. grrrr.

Good news, left overs at home!


Sara Lynn | August 11, 2010 at 12:14 PM

Dude! :(

Wangari M. | August 12, 2010 at 1:21 AM

Good luck on the hunt for a Dirndl! I love that Zara skirt, I tried it on (only the blue one) when I was in London but passed it up and got a romper instead..seeing it on you makes me wish I had gotten it as well. Also that pie looks amazing, I'm good at baking too but have never attempted baking a pie, but might have to try it now :)

Christy | August 12, 2010 at 8:15 AM

So I've always wondered if maybe I could pull off a dirndl. Quincy of Q's Daydream just made a post about dirndls, too, and now, I'm thinking I kind of need one...