It's the middle of the week and I miss things.... I don't know if anyone else gets this, but it always seems that Wednesday is the longest day of the week and in that boring time we look back to our fond memories and sigh. So here are three things, a person, place & thing I'm longing for on this miserable, rainy Wednesday.

My longer hair.

I don't know why I had the idea to cut it in December but now it seems to not want to grow back.
I've never really had short hair, it was once almost to my chin because I kept cutting it one night trying to get the right look. I've always been a long hair girl, I think it's the most manageable hair, and for my face shape it works. Now if only my hair would grow quicker!

The College for Creative Studies.

That was probably one of the best times of my life. I keep waiting to go back to class with all my buds. But two years has changed a lot, there are now two campuses, I don't know anyone who attends the school, and the worst and best is that many of my college buddies have moved away for jobs or home. It's so bittersweet. I want those days again but I know I can never have them. I just have to keep moving forward on to new adventures.

My Grandma

My grandma and I were very close, I would spend the night at her house all the time. We would go to the beauty parlor and I'd read while she got her hair done. Go to the grocery store to get some ice cream to eat with movies. Sit together and look through old photos late into the night. These were common instances for us up til I went away for college. And even with the distance we would talk almost every week. That summer after freshman year I lost her, and it still makes me so sad. But I cherish her and all my memories. What's great is that I can wear some of her favorite clothes and show them off to my friends and strangers, so I always have a little part of her with me.

Oh and I do also fit into her wedding dress, isn't it divine? She designed it herself and had it made with very limited fabric from France. She was incredible.

What do you miss on those long rainy, middle of the week days?

. boa noite e boa sorte.


Sara Lynn | June 10, 2010 at 8:18 AM

The grandma pics are awesome! You better wear that wedding dress, it is very pretty. And holy hell your hair was long! It already is long, but that is crazy long. It will get back to that one day though. :)