From Work to Play.

What I wore to work:

Black Lace Back Tank - UO (didn't get a good picture)  |  Yellow Tank - F21  |  Skirt - American Eagle  |  Navy Plaid Tights - Kohls  |  T-strap Heels - Target  |  Scarf - Vintage via my mom  |  Sweater - UO

Then I got home to run errands for my trip this weekend, which was mainly to get booze.

Tank - F21  |  Skirt - American Eagle  |  Earrings, Necklace, & Havaianas Flipflops - Brasil

So I got home tore off the tights and black tank, got into comfy sandals and waited for Kev to get home.

Went down to Motor City Brewery to get some growlers for the trip. They are so much more portable then bottles or cans... and refillable! I love growlers.

My outfit I realized was very Brasil inspired, got my Brasil earrings and flipflops and my necklace from Brasil. I guess I'm just showing my support, Go Brasil! And I must note the Havaianas trend in the US and how ridiculous it is. I just got an email from GiltGroup and they are selling Havaianas today... $24 for a 2-pack. When I lived there Havaianas were sold everywhere and super cheap, because you buy them if you are poor. It's so funny that just because the company in Brazilian that people are willing to pay a lot for them at Victorias Secret and Urban Outfitters. It's just funny when you have a notion on what a product is and see people go crazy for them just because they're foreign. Don't get me wrong I love all my pairs of Havaianas but I'm not going to buy them here, I'll just wait for my dad to go down there in the winter and bring me back some.



Sara Lynn | June 21, 2010 at 10:14 AM

I love this! I should do something like this. I am usually lazy and just put on jeans, you look cute in both outfits! :)