Yay New Blog!

My friend and beautiful mama, Grace is starting a new blog, The Libby’s Urban Homestead! I "met" Grace years ago through blogging, and when I moved out to Oakland, we found out we were neighbors! I've been so lucky to watch her belly grow and meet her daughter Harry, witness her and Pat wed in an amazing location, and now they're expecting their second! I'm so excited for her! So she launching a website launch party on August 25th! There will be giveaways daily, including something from me, and to hear about the giveaways first you can sign up for her newsletter now! Link for it is here (http://eepurl.com/0xj8T).

Here's a brief description of the new site "The Libby’s Urban Homestead is a new blog and website dedicated to PAGAN MYSTICISM - HOLISTIC LIVING - RADICAL PARENTING - VEGAN COOKING/NUTRITION - DIY ETHICS - EARTH MAGICK - TAROT & INTUITIVE READING - GYPSY STYLE - HOMESTEADING Are you intrigued yet??? Sign up for The Libby’s Urban Homestead’s Newsletter for sneak peeks into what to expect during the launch party! Subscribers will also get an exclusive discount code to the Wild Weeds Tarot shop on Etsy!"

I'm really excited, since Mike and I have really gotten into homesteading. I've preserved and canned all of the peaches from our tree in multiple forms (peach salsa, jam, canned in bourbon, and peach brandy), we have been eating lots of veggies from our garden, and I've even started neighborhood foraging, so far only got limes/lemons from my awesome neighbors, and prickle pear cactus fruit from a friends yard. This area is amazing, there's so many fruit trees that are established and don't need watering like a veggie garden. Anyway I'm getting carried away, all that stuff is for another post. So yeah, this site will be awesome-sauce, cause it will!

Follow Grace on instagram! #libbyshomesteadgiveaway @wildweedstarot @rosemaryx


Lauren | September 5, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Go! Go! Go! in a leisurely way though