Exploring: Big Basin State Park

A few weeks ago I drove down to San Jose to meet up with my friends Elle, Clark, and Alex to drive to Big Basin State Park in the Santa Cruz mountains. The drive was crazy, hair pin turns up and down side of the mountain, then down to a non-divided road going into Big Basin... So the inside car had to get close to allow the outside car to pass. All in Elle's manual car. Damn. The views on the ridge were incredible, I'd almost say way cooler than in Big Basin, I mean once you've seen a redwood they all look the same yaknowwhaddimeen? I kid. Seriously the only time I've seen the mountains look like this was in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Absolutely gorgeous with the blue backgrounds and the golden foreground.

We all weren't feeling incredibly adventurous since we all had never been there so we chose a 2 mile loop near the visitor center. It might've been short but the inclines were brutal... well for us four tech workers.

There was an incredible bridge over a ravine made with a fallen tree, it was so cool. Seemed like something from a movie about childhood... that makes perfect sense, trust me. I was surprised comparing this redwood forest to others in the area. There were so many more fallen trees then anywhere else I've been, and a lot more undergrowth. You had to be real careful with all the poison oak around the paths too.

After our hike/walk we went to the visitor center where I bought some knickknacks, cause I like that stuff. They had these cute little cabins by it that were surrounded by redwoods, it was out of a fairy tale, I wonder if they were built like that or built before the trees were large. Next thing to find out if you can stay in them.

All in all it was a wonderful day. The park has a skyline to shore path with camping along the way which could be an amazing two day hike. I'd like to try that sometime... when I have a moment that isn't already taken over by household chores or existing plans... or laying around being lazy.

Till next time I remember to post a blog,