Tripp Tuesday | A Day in the Life of a Cali-pup

Since moving here I have surely started turning into a typical "Californian" (or maybe just a nor-cal stereotype?)... Having a different special diet, driving a hybrid, occasional use of the word "hella", complaining about not having snow or much rain, and starting to completely baby my pooch (sorry Cali-kids for teasing ;).

Tripp now has a fancier diet that includes an add water meal with dried meats and veggies once a week,  plus occasional rice porridge I make him along with his regular lamb/rice daily meal. He goes on puppy adventures three times a week with his pup-buds and my dogwalker. And I dress him up in sweaters, kerchiefs and scarves. Yep I started dressing him up, I'm sorry but it's so stinking cute!! Especially how much he hated his christmas antlers.

This past weekend he had quite a sunday, starting off at the beach, then chilling in a SF park, then cuddles at mike's house, and finally sleeping all snuggled in my bed. He was quite a rag doll at the end of the day. I hope it made up for him staying home while I sailed on Saturday.

In honor of Tripp Tuesday (which I haven't done in awhile), here are some instagram snaps of his sunday adventure... look at him sporting that scarf!

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